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Undetectable Semi Permanent Hair Pieces – the Perfect Hair Transplant Alternative.

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars in their 30s and 40s still have such healthy locks and full hairline? Hair transplant? Hair Growth Medication? Often is really clever fully bonded hair pieces that are customised to the performers’ hair colour, scalp shape and skin tone.

Replique Male Anti Aging Clinic in Brisbane, specialise in custom, but affordable Semi Permanent Hair Pieces that are fully adhered to the scalp for up to 30 days at a time – they really become a part of you.

These cures for baldness have been developed and refined from itchy old synthetic toupees that could set a client back thousands of dollars. Most semi-permanent pieces available in Australia retail for $500 to $1000 and last approximately 12 to 26 weeks. The Replique Semi Permanent Hair Piece is made from 100% Human Hair and we’ve kept our price right down the lower end of the scale, with each hair piece costing $500, then with a few additional charges for the haircut and base fitting and customisation.

The pieces are bonded to the scalp for up to 30 days and allow the wearer to swim, shower and live in it as though they would if it were their own hair. They require a simple rebond once a month that only takes 30 minutes and that can be done at home by the client, or at the clinic.

We have many clients who come to use with scars and horror stories from their hair transplants. Some guys travelled overseas to get them done, while others were completed in Australia, all had mixed results. But it is very difficult to get a full hairline and coverage of hair over the long term. FUE surgery (where only a few follicles are removed at a time) is far superior to the old-fashioned strip surgery, but all it is doing is taking hair from a donor site and relocating it to another site. It isn’t giving you more hair – this hair transplant surgery is simply relocating hair from one area to another.

Many clients who’ve had the costly hair transplant surgery will use our hair pieces to either fill out a thin area of the scalp that the transplant failed to cover, or their desire for a beautiful full hair line is so strong that they sacrifice the thin hair transplant hair and replace for a Hollywood hair, achieved with a custom Replique Hair Piece that is semi permanently bonded to the scalp.

Replique are leading the way in the international trend from a few really clever UK companies such as Quiff & co, that have done viral videos of Semi-Permanent Hair Pieces that have received over 130,000 Likes and has led to a wait list of 8 months for a Hair Piece consultation.

The customised and durable hair pieces are adhered, or glued to the scalp with a base that is so thin that it’s difficult to tell where the base ends and a client’s natural hair begins.

We have hundreds of colours to choose from, and customise the base so it fits perfectly to a client’s scalp. The result is an undetectable hair replacement solution to baldness and thinning hair.

We have client images and videos on our site and comprehensive information here:

To arrange a free consultation contact us on the site or message/call Scott on 0498 988 131

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