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Getting a semi permanent hair piece isn’t just about a physical change, it’s also a massive investment that can create confidence, a more youthful appearance and give you back your fuller and natural looking hairline.


Like all investments, it’s essential that you care and maintain your hair unit or system, as well as possible to make it last as long as possible. 


Here are the top 5 Tips to make your hair piece last as long as possible.

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Hair Piece Last Longer! 

There are some amazing hair replacement artists on TikTok, Youtube and other social media that are getting incredible results with their client transformations, but many not them are using a 100% density or less. Often these will only last one to three months and so are considered disposable. At Replique in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney we recommend a 120% or 130% as it is natural looking but will last for a decent amount of time. Remember that every time you wash your hair or un your fingers through your hair there’s a chance that you may lose a hair from the system, so the more hair…the longer it will last. 

Tip 1: Get a decent density!

While it can be tempting to comb and style your hair every time you walk past a mirror, after all you’ve probably spent years avoiding the mirror if you were concerned about hairloss. We recommend just combing the hair patch once a day, in the morning to avoid pulling on the hair where we knot it into the base.

Tip 2: Less Is More! 

Tip 3: A Drop of Shampoo but Lots of Conditioner!

Shampoo can be very damaging to hair, whether it is from hair extensions, hair pieces, beards or biological hair and we see so many people damage their hair unit by thinking they are doing the right thing by using shampoo three times a week. While biological hair has oils coming through and so can get dirty, you only really need to wash hair care products off a hair piece. We tell our clients to budget for one to two Replique Second Skin hair pieces per year, and the guys that make them last for a long time only wash their hair in the shower once a week, with conditioner, but they only use shampoo once every two weeks (just a tiny drop)

We do four different haircuts, from Long to Short but most clients who come to Replique for their hair loss solutions in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Most of these clients have had hair loss or hair fall for a few years and cover their hair loss with a hat, so they aren’t experts in styling their hair. We find that the Long Haircut and the Short Haircut are the highest maintenance. The long looks amazing but you need to do a lot of care with it to make sure there aren’t knots or tangles. The short is very popular, but we cut a lot of length out of it and it is the length that creates weight that can make the hair patch look more natural as it is very easy to part. By far the most popular haircut we do is the Medium haircut. We get a lot of wonderful Indian clients in the second half of the year, who get their hair patch done at Replique and then fly back to India for their wedding. While they may want a short or long haircut, we also ways recommend a Medium haircut as it is so low maintenance and allows them focus on their big event rather than their hair.

Tip 4: Low Maintenance Haircuts!

Tip 5: Nourish, Nourish, Nourish

Replique have their own range of hair care products including Argan Oil and Leave In Conditioner (also known as a Detangler). Both of these products have been designed to nourish and soften the hair and we apply an AM/PM rule to them, so we recommend using the Leave In Conditioner when you wake up and are styling your hair, and then using the Argan Oil each night before sleeping. The Argan Oil is a wonderful way to add softness to the hairpiece, many guys find that they get knots in their hair from when they are sleeping and this is a great way to help to lubricate the hair so it is knot free and easy to style when they wake up each morning. 

Hair patchers and hair pieces have really developed since the old fashioned toupees, but there is s till an inconsistency in quality of the hair that may suppliers use. Replique hair pieces are hand made with an extremely high quality  Remy hair, but the key to a client making the hairpiece last a long or short time really is in how well it is maintained at home, adhering to the above points is a great way to make sure you get the best shelf life out of your hair piece.

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