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I go to an Optometrist for my eyes and I go to Replique for my Hair!
Cheap Mens Hair Pieces Sydney and Brisba

"One of my friends had his hair done by Replique so I knew when the time came for me to deal with my thinning hair that Replique was the only place I'd go to and I love my hair now!!!."

Replique Mens Hair Pieces are available in countless colours and 100% and 110% densities so each client can truly make their hair piece their own.

Our ultimate goal is to make our guys look great, but to also ensure they feel comfortable and confident with their choice of hair loss solution. 


For clients who are coming to Replique in either our Brisbane or Sydney clinics, we encourage then to take advantage or our free (an no hard sell!) consultations where one of our team will match the colour of the hair and give advice on the best haircut and density.

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Mens Glue On Hair Sydney.JPG

Our client Billy knew exactly what he wanted in his mens hairpiece and the team in our Brisbane clinic did a fantastic job with his density and colour.

Replique stands out from other Mens Hair Piece suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney because our team wear our hair! Owner Scott Hickman and Manager Steve May have each tried many different hair loss solutions and are a great recourse for new hair piece clients as we fully understand how large and undertaking it is to be getting a a hair loss solution.

In fact we actually advice some clients to not proceed if they are worried about going from thinning hair to the best hair in the room, instead encouraging them to look at more subtle hair loss solutions such as Scalp Micropigmentation which we offer in both our Sydney and Brisbane clinics.

Billy is a young guy with a lot of confidence and really wanted a hair density and style to match and he's loving his new look!

We not only offer a free consultation but also train our clients how to rebond the hairpieces at home to save them money but are more than happy to see them regularly for their rebond and haircuts.

Interested in a consultation or booking?
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