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Scalp Micropigmentation Mistakes!

There’s no denying that most people really struggle when they start to experience hairloss. It can seem like we are powerless to stop it, or there is a world of confusing and often contradictory advice on the best hair loss solution out there. From FUE Hair Transplants to Hair Loss Medications, there is a lot of information online that is confusing. At Replique Hair Loss Clinics in Sydney and Brisbane we focus on hair replacement services that are tangible, as you walk in with hair loss and leave with the appearance of a fuller head of hair. No pills, potions, or hype.

One of our most popular treatments in Sydney and Brisbane is Scalp Micropigmentation. Arguably the World’s Fastest Growing Hair Loss Treatment. SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as Head Tattooing or Hair Tattooing and has only been in Australia for about a decade and a half.

Replique founder, Scott Hickman has performed thousands of SMP treatments, as well as having had it done on his own scalp, and specializes in rectification work where clients have received poor outcomes from other suppliers. So often we see people coming in who have experienced poor work, and often it narrows down to a few simple mistakes that lead people to have SMP regrets.

We all love a bargain, but when it comes to getting your head tattooed, we recommend focusing on the quality of work rather than the price of the job. Most quality cosmetic tattoo artists charge approximately $350 per hour for their work, and a full Male Pattern Baldness SMP treatment runs from $2800 to about $5000 depending on the supplier. While this is a large upfront payment, good SMP should last for years and years then just needing a few touch ups along the way.

We see so many clients who try to save money and go to someone cheap, who is normally inexperienced or focusing on quantity of clients rather than quality of work. These inexperience artists can use the wrong pigment choice, incorrect hairline and are heavy handed with blow outs.

Often Scalp Micropigmentation artists offering cheap services don’t have their own clinics, instead they are operating from rental stations in other clinics where you don’t know if they will still be there a few months or years down the track. Look for companies with lots of client before and after images, videos and reviews who have been at the facilities for a long time.

Another regret is by getting Scalp Micropigmentation that doesn’t suit the clients’ facial features. At Replique we are all about Replication and so we can determine your original hairline and work within those confines. One of the benefits of working with Replique artists is that many of our team come from a hair dressing background, so we understand exactly where the hairline should be.

We don’t do straight hairlines that may be more suited to African and South American clients, on clients who have a genetic curved hairline. The Scalp Micropigmentaiton is a long lasting treatment and we don’t do short term fad hairlines as we know the client can regret it down the track.

The next regret we see if from clients who have gone to a body art tattoo artist, or cosmetic tattoo artist that specializes in non scalp tattooing such as brows and lips. Body art tattooing is very different from cosmetic tattooing, cosmetic tattooing is very light where a delicate touch is vital. Body art tattoo artists are used to using a range of inks and techniques that is designed very differently to cosmetic tattooing. Likewise a traditional cosmetic tattoo artist may be an excellent technician at permanent make up such as eyeline, brow or lip tattoos but don’t understand the specifics of a graduated hairline, blending and micro perforations.

The final regret we often see if from clients who don’t adhere to their Scalp Micropigmentation After Care. At Replique Hair Loss clinics in Sydney and Brisbane we feel it is essential that the clients avoid sweating for a set period after the work. Good after care involves techniques that avoid infection and pigment loss and while you may need to do things like not going to the gym, for a short period, the long lasting results are well worth the short term sacrifice.


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