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How Much Should You Pay for SMP?

Scalp Micro pigmentation is the World's fastest growing hair loss solution.

It's fast, affordable, last a long time, and if done by a talented technician, it can be a life changing treatment.

But what should you pay?

Hair Tattoo Cost Brisbane Queensland

We're one of the few hair loss business that has our prices online. We aren't interested in bringing guys in for a consultation then hitting them with pricing that they cant afford. We'd rather be open and transparent and work with everyone's budget and schedule to achieve some amazing results.

Do you want to just work on a smaller area, such as the hairline? Then we'd recommend an hourly package - we have one which is Pay 3 Hours and Get 4 Hours, this is $350 and hour and instead of paying $1400 you pay $1050.

A lot of guys favor this as it's a great way to start their SMP journey, then as they schedule and budget allows, they add more and more hours.

Want to look in the mirror and stop seeing that receding hairline and thinning hair? Then check out the Intro Package. This is from $2800 to $3500 depending on the density you're after.

Its a very comprehensive package and great value, over two big sessions we redesign and fill in the hairline, add density to the crown and all missing areas of the male pattern baldness area and also blend with the existing follicles for a seamless finish.

We're one of Australia's busiest SMP clinics and have guys coming to us with botched treatments from other providers. Sadly people try to save money by getting SMP done by traditional body art tattooist or Injectables clinics and the hairlines and density is awful - the results are devastating for the clients and they all say they wish they hadnt tried to save money and had just gone to a SMP specialst instead.

Losing your hair can be a soul crushing event, and theres nothing that will aesthetically age us like the onset of Male Pattern Baldness, but always be aware 'when looking for your hairloss solution. Have a consultion and make sure youre buying the perfect SMP package for your hairloss solution. We always tell our clients that hairloss solutions are a marathon and not a sprint.

Are you interested in finding out how much it would cost for you to get SMP? Shoot me a message on 0498988131 and we can quickly give you a few different ideas on pricing.

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