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Jayden is a great young guy who lives in Brisbane and got a Replique Second Skin Hairpiece after following us on Social media. 


“I visited one to another hair replacement place in Brisbane and the guy plonked this thing on my head and said “want to do it?” I felt so uncomfortable but working with Scott, even from the first consultation, made me feel so comfortable.” 


Going from thinning hair, to the best hair of your life is such a challenge and so we always offer a free consultation, so a potential client can come in and check out our hair pieces, meet Scott in Brisbane or Sydney, or Wayne in Melbourne, and see for themselves what the hair pieces look like. 


Wayne and Scott both wear Replique second skin hairpieces and so it’s a great way to check out the different densities and colours we offer. 


Jayden came to our Brisbane salon for his first mens hair piece consultation, then came to Sydney for the fitting as he was so keep to get it done when he was still on holidays., 


We have over 100 colours in stock and we change the darkest blonde shade for him it has a lot of different hues and shade that blend amazingly well with Jaydens own hair. 

We take an hour to do a fitting and then an hour to do the initial haircut, and then some time doing hair care training. 


Our hairpieces all come on a customisable base and with 5 or 6 inch long hair that we then trim down shorter. When we first fit the hairpieces they have a crazy amount of hair and volume, when we cut the hair we use a hairdryer and so it adds even more volume but we tell our guys to bring in a baseball cap and it will flatten it down, then the key is to wash it 24 hours after the fitting and the hair becomes flat and pliable. This is when it really starts to feel like your own hair. 



We never want to cut the hair too short, after all our hair pieces can last most clients 6 to 12 months with regular rebonding, and so we want you to have a haircut that you can trim a little. We recommend getting one of our trained barbers and hairdressers to trim the hair but to leave it maybe 1cm longer than the eventual haircut you want, then after you wash it at home, you can always come back in for a trim.


Jayden had a Medium haircut for his first haircut, then he came back a few days later and had a trim. 


Interested in a consultation or booking?
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Scott and the team were excited to work with Jayden, he has an amazing attitude and looked at getting a hairpiece as a way to turn back time, deal with the issue of male pattern baldness that he’d struggled with, and get the most amazing hair of his life. 


We always tell our clients that getting a hairpiece is like buying a car, they need to “put petrol in it”, they need to “get it serviced”. We are here to help our clients but ultimately we want them to really enjoy styling their hair and being responsible for the services, or at least making regular appointment with the Replique team for when they need to come in for a rebond.

Do you want to know how you can go from thinning hair to the best hair of your life? Call or contact us at the 


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