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Mens Hair Piece Client Spotlight April 2023

Most of our hair piece clients want a hair loss solution that is subtle and natural, but occasionally we get in a guy who wants to live his ultimate dream and have long hair.


Replique Second Skin Hair Pieces are the most modern and natural looking hair systems available. Traditionaly a hair piece was more like an old fashioned toupee, that is designed with a thick polyurethane base that has clips sewn into it that are then clipped into the hair, so the unit can be removed each night. This isn't a great solution for those who want an undetectable and semi permanent hair experience. 

Instead Replique hair systems are sculpted to the scalp, like a second skin and we are able to offer over 100 colours, a dozen different curl options and almost any kind of length. 

Our client Rob, had already had a hairpiece from our range, and for his second hairpiece wanted to have his dream hair, long, long hair that he could tie up. 

In reality, our regular hairpieces really should be called Express Hair Pieces. traditionally a client will need to go to a hair loss clinic or studio, have their male pattern baldness area measured, then a template is created and sent overseas, along with a hair sample. Then after 4 to 6 months a hairpiece arrives, and we hope that it matches the requirements of the order (all too often it doesn't and you'd need to return it and wait months for modifications)

When Scott started Replique in Brisbane in 2016 he popularised a concert of "Express Hair Pieces", this is similar to how women get hair extensions. Instead of having to wait months, we would design hairpieces made with a specific base, hair type and length and then we would hold them for clients and then customise in house, with a specific template to suit their needs, then do a haircut. 

mens Hair System melbourne.jpeg

In our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney locations we offer over 100 colours that are customised in house. this way we work with the client on exactly what hairline shape and positioning they want, and then do the haircut. This is a game changer for the industry, and ultimately allows our clients to get a hairpiece in hours, rather than months. 

While many clients come in for their free consultations in our Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney locations, with photos and dreams of their fantasy hair, we try to steer them to do a hairpiece that is low maintenance.


Ultimately our clients want to replace the hair they have lost, make it look natural and have a hair cut that is easy to maintain. 

When Rob had his first hair unit from Replique Sydney we did a mid brown colour with a 20% grey, as this was the same colour match that he had in his beard. 


Robs custom hairpiece was about 10 inches in length and took us 8 weeks to manufacture. While we love the length, we would only recommend it to a client who has already worn a hairpiece previously, as it is a lot more maintenance than a regular Replique Second Skin Hairpiece. 

At Replique we offer free consultations (many of our competitors charge $50 for a consult) we prefer free consults because we are actually screening the client, to see if we can genuinely make him happy. 

Getting a hairpiece is a massive step, it is like buying a property or getting into a relationship and we only work with clients who we believe will look after the hairpiece, be confident in wearing it and understand that although they are amazing, they do require ongoing maintenance. 



Mens hair Piece Brisbane Sydney Replique.jpeg

At Replique, our job is to not just design, fit and cut the hairpiece, we also nurture our clients as they go from thinning hair to the best hair of their lives, and offer incredible follow up care. This includes our own range of specially designed hai are products including colour protect Shampoo and Conditioner, Argan Oil and leave in conditioner. 

Our own biological hair has oils that are filtered from the scalp along the hair fibre, this keeps it nourished and soft, but a hair piece, or wig or hair extensions doing have natural oils and so need to be supplemented regularly.


As a rule, the longer the hair, the more nourishing it needs as the more likely it will get knots or tangles. 

Replique Argan Oil and Replique Leave In Conditioning Spray is ideal for this. We recommend using it before bed or before putting on a hair as sleeping and wearing hats can cause the hair to rub together and create friction. 

We recommend using a few drops of the oil, rubbing it in your hands then applying it to the hair, the comb it gently through your hair. The Leave In Conditioner can be used daily, when coming your hair. 

We recommend combing you hair as little as possible, as every time you comb your hair or run your fingers through your hair there is a chance that a hair can break or be pulled out the less you do, the longer the hairpiece will last. Most damage to a hairpiece is done each morning when combing it after sleeping, so using the Argan Oil and leave in conditioner is. great way to nourish and gently style your hair. 


We often get approached by male clients who have standard male pattern baldness and think that they need a mens human hair wig, a wig is unnecessary, as it covers all of the scalp, including where they have healthy hair that is unaffected by male pattern baldness. Instead we recommend a hair patch, or hair system that is designed to go from the hairline to the back of the crown and that can then blend with their biological hair. As you can see in the above photos of Rob, his hair at the sides and back is very healthy and so he only needs a hair piece that is designed for the male pattern baldness area. 

When we  do a free consultation in our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney locations, we always show our clients a hairpiece that has been cut to a popular style, so they can see how they will look wearing a hairpiece. This is a great way to see how you can go from thinning hair to amazing hair. 

We're so happy Rob loves his new hair and is getting to live his long hair dreams. 



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