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We have done thousands and thousand of hair cuts for our hair piece clients since opening in 2016. One of the main complaints is about blending. This is very difficult is the client has very short hair, of very fine hair. 

Our most popular hair pieces are thick, they are 120% density and can be a dramatic contrast in thickness to the clients biological hair. 

We actually recommend using the hairpiece to blend in with and cover a lot of the biological hair, unless the biological hair is the same length and consistency as the hair piece. For most of our clients though their hair has become quite fine and thin, in the non male pattern baldness area.

As you can see in the below photos, we prefer to use a "fade" haircut, where the hair length graduates from a short to longer length. Most popular is a zero fade, graduating up to a .5, then to a 1, then up to the hair piece. 

Disconnected and Faded Haircuts

Men's Hair Piece
Men's Hair System

Connected and Blended Haircuts

Many of our new hair piece clients have been clipping their hair for years, or have enjoyed the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment and now want to graduate towards longer hair. For these clients they start with what we call a "disconnected" haircut, they longer their hair then the more likely it is to blend and the more "connected" the hair cut.

These clients understand that for a few weeks or months the hairpiece will be disconnected until their hair grows at the sides and back, allowing it to blend. Their only other option is growing their hair prior to getting the hair piece, which doesn't look good for most clients as they are conscious of having thinned bald areas next to thicker and longer hair.

Men's Hair Loss
Men's Wig Alternative

These clients hair pieces look "connected" rather than "disconnected" because their hair at the sides and back of the scalp are the same length and density as the hair piece. 


Hair Replacement Sydney


All of our hair pieces come in 5 to 6 inches in length and are generally on a base that's 8 inches wide. The Long haircut has the ends trimmed and some layers added.

This is a popular option for guys who want to tie their hair back or have it free style and kept off the face. 


This haircut has the sides and back cut shorter, normally 2 inches and the top and fringe is about 4 inches. 

The hair will come in front of the face down to approximately the tip of the nose unless it is styled backwards.

We normally do a fade with this haircut so it looks sharp but it can also be done on longer hair.

Men's toupee
Men's Hair Piece


This haircut has the sides and back cut shorter, normally 2 inches and the top and fringe is about 2 to 4 inches. 

The hair will come to about the eyebrows but can be swept up off the face or left freestyle.

This is a very low maintenance hair cut. 


This haircut is approximately 1 to 2 inches at the sides and back and 2 inches on top. 

This is actually our most high maintenance haircut as it requires a lot of product to hold the sides and back down so it blends with the biological hair.

Christian Hair Cut 1.jpg

Replique have hair loss clinics in Melbourne and Sydney and are passionate about hair. Our qualified hairdressers are experienced and caring and understand how important it is that your hair piece looks amazing. Our non surgical hair replacement options are long lasting, affordable and natural looking. Feel free to message Wayne in Melbourne on 0477 004 808 or Scott in Sydney on 0439 558 835 to arrange a free consultation

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