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At Replique we supply amazing hair fall treatments and services, we genuinely care about our clients and want the best long term baldness cures for them, but much of the success of the hair loss solution is actually out of our hands - it's the After Care that makes a huge difference in how well the treatment lasts. Below are some tips for our clients to read and consider before and after their treatments.


Please read before committing to a Replique Hair Piece. Under no circumstances do we refund hairpieces because you aren't satisfied with the hair colour, base size, hair cut or over all look of the hair piece. 

We recommend all clients visit or FaceTime with Scott as he wears a Replique hair piece, then if you feel it looks natural and is something to proceed with, then we recommend having a hair piece fitted.

We are unable to refund or replace a hair piece because you changed your mind or you feel it does not look natural on you.

Replique Supply, and Fit the hairpieces and do haircuts but we are not responsible for how it looks and your after care and the longevity of the product.

We recommend you only use Replique 30 Day tape, and Walkers Ultra Hold glue, using any other type of Tape and Glue can be damaging to your hairpiece and shorten the life or it. if you want to bond weekly please purchase Weekly Tape.

When cleaning the hairpiece, we recommend C-22 Solvent. 


Replique hairpieces are bonded to the scalp using Walkers and Pro Hair Labs adhesives, the World's leading hair piece adhesive suppliers.

If you are worried about any skin conditions, or if you are on medications, you should discuss the treatment with your doctor prior to the treatment to ensure no adverse reactions.

Replique do hundreds of fittings and rebonds each year and only use products specifically made for hairpiece bonding and are unable to offer any refunds if you have a reaction to the adhesives or hairpiece. 

If you use any type of hair fibre or hair product, please remove it prior to your appointment to avoid infection.

If you are concerned about allergies or adverse reactions, we can do a Patch Test, this only takes a few minutes. We recommend doing this several days prior to the treatment to fully assess if you will have adverse reactions. Please contact 0439 558 835 as to arrange a free patch test.

The hairpieces are bonded the scalp for up to several weeks. We will trim/clipper/shave any hair in the male pattern baldness area prior to placing the adhesive and hairpiece.


In our experience the adhesive and hairpiece does not effect the growth of the biological hair beneath the hairpiece but we hold no claim that each individual client's biological hair will not be effected by the bond and hair piece. 



We recommend not sweating or washing the hairpiece in a shower for 24 hours after the bond to ensure maximum hold

We supply a wide tooth comb that is to be used to ensure gentle handling of the hair.

Most of our clients work with our team to get 6 to 12 months out of their hairpieces, by recommending a low maintenance haircut and a hair care regime that is gentle.

The hairpieces are 100% human (except for grey) and as such the hair can fade one or two tones, but it can be recoloured.

If you are ordering an Ultra Thin Skin please note that these may only last 4 to 8 weeks. We need at least 8 hours for the adhesive removal on an Ultra Thin Skin as it needs to soak in a solvent, most customers who purchase Ultra Thin Skin units will alternate between two units. Our preference is for Replique clients to use a 120% density, as they traditionally last 6 to 12 months and look very natural. 

We recommend regular rebonding, either in our clinic or at home to ensure the adhesive doesn't degrade and form a residue in the hair.

Please note that our hairdressers are very experienced at cutting hairpieces, and work with our clients closely to achieve an amazing haircut. it is vital that you discuss length and style with the hairdresser and communicate with them as the hair is being cut to ensure the correct length. We do not refund hairpieces because a client is dissatisfied with a haircut or colour. 

The hairpieces are a Light or Medium Light density, heavy density hairpieces.


Prior to cutting the hairpiece into the template we will ask you to review the density and hairline. Once the hairpiece or hair is cut we are unable to offer any refunds as it has been customised and therefore cant be re-sold. Once the hairpiece and hair is cut  and paid for, the hairpiece is deemed to belong to the client and is the clients responsibility and no refunds will be considered. 

On average our adhesives last approximately 30 days. Please note we have no control over how well your body will adapt to the bond. The more a person sweats or how oily their scalp is, affects the bond. Some clients are only able to maintain the bond for one week, while others can go five weeks. Our aim is to give you the longest bond possibly with adhesives that stand up to the strong Australian summer conditions, but we can't control how your scalp and body reacts to our adhesives. 


Replique hand made hair pieces are 100% human hair and may fade over time. We can add some colour to your hair piece, but please be aware that any colour process may shorten the lifespan of the hair piece. 


Our job is to design and fit your hairpiece and do a haircut, it is your job to style it and maintain it. Key to a hairpiece looking natural is to disguise the hairlline. We do this by always holding the hairline down when combing the hairpiece, never style the hairpiece back with products as it can expose the hairline. The best way to disguise the hairline is to dry the hair at the front of the hairpiece, after you've washed it in the shower, with the hair coming down in front of the forehead. Use a hairdryer on a low setting to dry the hair over the forehead, then spray a small amount of water or Leave iin Conditioner and style the hair backwards. This ensures the hair dries in front of the base and disguises the hairline. 


ITCHING: Some clients find the scalp can itch slightly in the first few weeks after their fitting. Never scratch the scalp through the hairpiece, always tap the area where it itches, most clients find the itching subsides after a few days.


We only recommend washing your hair in the shower once a week, and try not to use shampoo, only use the Conditioner supplied by Replique.  

Replique Hairpieces are $800 each and then we charge for a haircut. We don't charge a Fitting Fee for ongoing Replique clients.

For first time wearers we recommend the Intro Pack. This is $180 (so $980 in total including the hair piece).

The Intro Pack includes the fitting, customisation, hair cut, rebond 3 weeks after the fitting, hair care pack and a rebond pack so you have Glue and Tape in case you are travelling overseas or unable to come to a Replique location for your regular rebond. 



Rebonds are $100

Haircuts are $30

Colour is $80


Please think carefully before committing to an appointment as we are allocating valuable staff, rent and resource to your appointment. 

All Rebond or haircut cancelations within 24 hours of your appointed time will incur a $25 canelation fee.

If you have any concerns before or after your Hair Piece treatment, please message or call 0439 558 835 as we are here to help you in this process

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