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It's great when guys try to find hair loss solution early on. David is in his late 20's and still has a lot of hair, but has some strong recessive points around the temples and parietal that he wanted to disguise with Scalp Micropigmentation.

He's in the fitness industry and so looking and feeling good is very important. He was telling me that one of the guys at him gym said "mate, you're going bald, just shave it off and get on with life". 

That kind of ignorance does my head in - there are so many options on combating hair loss, yes shaving it all off is one option, but there are far superior ways to deal with it.

David was worried about the cost of men's hair replacement so he'd done his homework well before seeing me: he'd looked into lots of different hair loss options, from hair transplants, hair loss medication and of course, clipping it all off.


He chose Scalp Micropigmentation because he wanted a cost effective, natural and full look that suited his physical lifestyle and his budget.


David is lucky, he still has wonderful thick hair on a lot of his scalp, and so as his hair continues to thin, we'll continue to build up the density and depth with more Scalp Micropigmentation sessions.


David has quite dark hair so we chose a medium warm black to really give some depth and colour and to blend with his natural follicles. This is just the first session, where we apply the base and Im really looking forward to seeing how well he looks when the procedure is completed.

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