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Stop Hiding Hair Loss Under A Hat?

Order online in 3 easy steps, from Australia's most reputable hair replication company. You will receive 32 years experience, quality hair pieces and the full support with DIY tutorials and our 24/7 help line.
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Step One - Choose Your Colour

Christian .jpg
Jed (1).jpg
Marco 1.jpg
Replique has the right shade of Blonde, Brown & Black to perfectly match your natural hair!
Full Range of Colours In Stock Now!

Step Two - Measure Your Size

Measure 1 (1).jpg
Don't risk dealing with a faceless overseas company. The Replique team are here to help you every step of your hair replacement journey.

Step Three - Choose Your Hair Style

Christian Hair Cut.jpg
Jase Hair Cut 1.jpg
Nate Hair Cut 2.jpg
With a Replique Hair Piece you can have the best hair of your life.
Any cut, colour or style!
Ready For An Instant Full Head Of Hair?
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 It's Easy! Order in 3 Simple Steps.
Call or Message Scott to start your hair piece journey today - 0439 558 835.​ free consultations available Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. 
Interested in a consultation or booking?
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