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“Married At First Sight” Mike’s Hairline Confession

Yep, it’s a tattoo! Earlier this week Mike Gunner, who is in this season of Channel 9’s Married At First Sight, confirmed that his hairline and the stubble appearance on his scalp is actually a scalp tattoo. A few celebrities and actors have had Replique's cutting edge hair loss treatments done. Why? Our hair loss solutions are immediate, long lasting and they look totally natural.

What’s the Secret to an Amazing Hollywood Hairline?

Replique are great at keeping secrets but more and more Aussie guys are discovering how our two most popular hair loss solutions have been used by celebrities and actors for the last few years to create killer hairlines and the appearance of full head of hair.

Married at First Sites Mike Gunner has recently admitted that his amazing full hairline is a form of cosmetic tattoo, called Scalp Micropigmentation. SMP is fast becoming the worlds fastest growing hair loss solution because it is immediate, affordable and long lasting.

Replique Male Anti Aging clinic has performed hundreds of these ground breaking treatments since it was introduced to the Australian market a few years ago. Replique owner Scott Hickman says "Clients are elated and empowered after just one session of Scalp Micropigmentation. The certainty of having found a conservative, cost effective, natural looking hair loss solution, that gradually transforms their hair loss brings instant peace of mind."

Former Big Brother house mate Ben Zabel recently revamped his image with a Replique Scalp Tattoo. Ben had made peace with his hair loss and was happy shaving his head, however when he discovered that SMP could discretely replace his hairline and fill in the gaps, he couldn't resist turning back time on his hair loss. Ben choose one of Replique's full SMP packages which includes full hairline redesign and reconstruction, filling in the crown, temples and thinning areas of scalp, and expert blending with any existing hair to produce a seamless finish. The result was so realistic that Ben was disappointed in how little reaction his new look received.

Another Replique client, actor Chris Bridgewater, wanted to be pro-active and address the early stages of his hair loss before it became fully apparent. Chris chose pay by the hour Scalp Micropigmentation to fill in the thinning areas within his hairline and crown. SMP reduces the contrast of the scalp in thinning areas, making the existing hair appear thicker and fuller. It is an affordable, easy way to disguise hair loss symptoms before they become prominent.

Wigs, toupees and hair pieces are often used in movies and television to create the director's vision, for ease of continuity or to meet deadlines and film schedules. The quality of wigs and the skills of those who apply them have vastly improved over time. Today it is near impossible to know if your favourite celebrity is sporting their own hair, an enhancement to their own hair or not a strand of their own hair at all.

This is great news for everyday men suffering from male pattern baldness. The phoney toupees of old have been completely transcended by ultra discrete, 100% human hair pieces, that are truly undetectable. These masterpieces are made from real strands of human hair, that are painstakingly threaded onto a translucent micro-thin base. The workmanship is so good that the hair moves and falls like a natural head of hair and the base is so thin that the hair appears to be growing straight out of the scalp. Modern hair piece's are allowing men to not only create the best hair of their life but to wear it with the confidence of knowing that it looks real.

Replique has men flying in to our Brisbane clinic from all over Australia for the same cutting edge hair loss solutions that our Hollywood hero's and TV celebrities are employing both on screen and in their private lives.

If you'd like to learn more about Scalp Micropigmentation or Semi Permanent Hair Pieces contact Replique at: 0498 988 131,

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