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We're going to let you in on a few of our secrets! Our Hair Pieces really are a brilliant Hair Transplant Alternative, not just because they're 100% Human Hair and look AMAZING! But also because they are such a no fuss solution. Our Semi Permanent Hair Pieces are bonded to the scalp for up to one moth, and have such a thin skin membrane that it's almost impossible to tell where your own hair stops and the Thin Skin base starts! You can't stop hair loss but you can disguise it so that no one knows you suffer from it.

What Hair Piece Colours are Available?

How long will the order take?

We normally are able to do the fitting within a few hours or days of your consultation if we have the hair piece colour in stock and our team are available. My experience from buying from overseas online suppliers is that you will be told that your piece will be a few weeks to arrive and then it takes months! We have hair pieces in many different colours in our Sydney facility and Express Post them out to our Australian clients, or arrange a time for a fitting and hair cut. It generally only takes one or two days for you to receive an Replique stock piece. Custom hair pieces may take a while longer. If you live locally we can fit your Semi Permanent Hair Piece at short notice. Book here if you need an emergency fitting

What are the different Hair Piece Base types?

After years of research we have narrowed the base types down to the best of Australian conditions. The Thin Skin 90% density hair pieces can last for 3 to 6 months where as the 120% density units can last 6 to 12 months or longer with careful maintenance. We also stock a popular breathable model that is 110% density and can last 3 to 9 months with care.

Will I need to cut the Base?

Replique skin bases are a good one size fits all, but both base types can certainly be trimmed to fit a specific area and then adhered. As part of our full hair piece Clinic service we will attach, cut & style your undetectable human hair piece. 

Can I shower and work out in it?

Yes! Absolutely. The Thin Skin membrane adheres tightly to your scalp, becoming like a "second skin", we do several layers of the bonding agent onto the hair piece at our Sydney and Melbourne clinics, and it fuses tightly to your scalp freeing you up for an active lifestyle such as working out, surfing and swimming. As the Thin Skin is Semi Permanent, it will become a regular part of your life and you shower with it just as you would with a head full of naturally grown hair. 

We are experts in Hair Piece bonding and will train you at our Sydney clinic how to wash the hair piece and give advice on how to make the hair piece fit in with your Australian lifestyle.  This is one hair replacement that will fit to your needs!


What Base Types are Available?

How do I extend the life of my Semi Permanent Hair Piece?

There are a few simple tips to get the best performance out of your hair piece:

  • Don't skimp on shampoo and conditioner! Always use good quality products on your hair.

  • Don't use a fine tooth comb, use a wide tooth comb and always be gentle.

  • Avoid using a hair dryer on a hot setting - too much concentrated heat and the base can warp. 

  • Don't use hard gels, use soft and highly liquid setting agents, such as mousse or foam-based products.

How do I wash my Semi Permanent Hair Piece?

Replique Semi Permanent Hair Pieces are durable and made to a very high standard with 100% Human Hair, but the better you maintain your piece, the longer life it will have. Never scrub your piece with shampoo and conditioner, instead spread the shampoo or conditioner on your hand, only use a small amount of shampoo but you can always be liberal with the amount of conditioner. To apply it, spread it over your head in a downward motion, then wash off as normal.

Will my hair grow through the piece?

The adhesive won't stop your hair regrowth, but the hair on the top part of most men's heads that is receding, is not strong and is slower growing. We recommend this hair is completely trimmed down and the hair piece adhered completely over the top of it to give the appearance of a full head of hair. This won't stop the regrowth of any existing hair, but it won't grow though the hair piece, instead is will grow under it until you are ready to have the piece cleaned and re-applied. 

What does Semi Permanent mean? Will it stay on my scalp?

Hair Pieces have come a long way! You can use clips and tapes but we recommend the piece is fully bonded with the No Budge Bond technique of using True Tape and Walkers Ultra Hold. The bond really is Semi Permanent as it can hold tight for up to one month, then it only takes 30 minutes or so to remove, clean and reapply. Minimal downtime and a brilliant, long lasting head of 100% human hair. The more you sweat or the oilier your skin, the quicker the bond will break down.

How easy is it to Rebond a Semi Permanent Hair Piece?

Ive had some bad experiences with other Australian Hair Piece suppliers. How are you different?

Owner of Replique, Scott Hickman, first suffered from hair loss when he was only 17 years old, and by the time he was 21 he was wearing a hair piece. It was overpriced and clumsy and Scott really dreaded going to have it fused back on to his scalp because of the high sales pressure tactics involved. Over the decades searching for a hair loss cure, Scott has tried pretty much every hair loss solution and when he started Replique Hair Loss Clinic, he vowed that the business would be about educating and empowering guys about hair loss solutions, instead of being about up selling intangible hair growth treatments and high pressure sales tactics.

We will work with you to find the perfect hair replacement solution, whether it is a semi permanent hair piece, scalp micropigmentation or even give advice on hair transplants or the approach used by hair transplantation clinics. 

We work closely with established and caring hair replacement companies in Queensland, Brisbane and the Gold Coast where you can buy from our online store, and they will fit it and cut it for you. 

Our Melbourne clinic openeined 2022 and Replique Melbourne owner, Wayne, offers decades of hair piece experience. 

I hate losing my hair but I'm worried about getting a bad hair replacement solution or hair piece that doesnt look good. 

Fair enough. We're dedicated to natural appearing hair replacement, whether it is scalp micropigmentation or semi permanent hair pieces, our goal is simple -. to make our clients walk out with a natural and amazing looking hair loss solution. You'll work with Scott who wears a Thin Skin Semi Permanent Hair Piece and our expert team to find you the best hair loss solution for your lifestyle We will look after you! We encourage you to first arrange a consultation, which you can do on our bookings page or by calling or texting Scott directly on his mobile number 0439 558 835

How come they are so affordable?
Our hand made $800 units, are a high quality and longer lasting. If you want a really specific hair density, hairline shape and base thickness then a Custom Piece is the way to go, it can give the client a lot more specific control over the hair density, base thickness but will cost a lot more than our Stock units. 

Interested in a consultation or booking?

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