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How Much Should You Pay for a Hairpiece?

August 2022


Mens Hair Patch, hair system, toupee, human hair wig, lace front, second skin, glue on hair. There are so many names for our non surgical hair loss solutions that clients need to wade through before even working out what is a fair price to pay.


Mens Hair pieces have made dramatic changes over the last decade. Most notably in fit, hair quality and most importantly, how we adhere or bond the hair piece to the scalp. We have moved from thicker based hair pieces that were sewn or clipped into a clients hair, then we moved to wonderful hair piece glue by companies like Walkers Adhesives and Pro Hair Labs, and now have strong double sided tape made specifically for hair pieces that can hold for uptown 30 days.



Revenge Reviews

August 2022


We specialise in hair loss and so offer a very private and discrete service. Although our main site has 90 pages of content and lots of client videos and images, we respect our guys and always offer them privacy. The clients on our site have all consented to their images being used.

We are one of Australias largest hair piece providers and frequently book out, often with repeat clients (the best judge on a businesses value in my opinion), but we dont have that many Google reviews.

We never push a client to leave a review, we respect that they want their experience to be private and discrete.

Sometime we we will a disappointed or disgruntled client, threatening to leave a bad review if we dont offer him a refund.

We actually screen our clients very carefully. I tell all of them its like Im selling you a car, you need to put petrol in it and you need to get a service. READ MORE.....

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