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Scalp micropigmentation brisbane.HEIC
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What Size Needle Gives the Most Natural Look?

Miriam and Scott at Replique have been doing Scalp Microimentation since 2016, and there's only a handful of other SMP artists that supersede us, and while it's exciting to be a part of a growing industry, it's very concerning seeing men walk around with botched hair tattoos they've received from technicians that are new to the industry. 

Getting ay type of hair loss solution is a massive step, and it can be tempting to cut corners and a few hundred dollars and get what you think is going to be an amazing SMP treatment.

But all too often we see guys with discoloured work, or blow outs, because they went to a traditional body art tattoo artist or a recent graduate of a three day SMP course, who is learning their artwork on a client (and at the clients expense). 

The picture here illustrates what the first session, or coat of SMP wild look like. 

We use a .04 needle that is specifically made for Scalp Micropigmentation, it is designed to leave a tiny imprint that looks like a freshly shaved hair follicle. 


Using a needle that is too large will create a false looking dot. 

Scalp  Micropigmentation is a lot like painting, it requires several coats to create depth and coverage. 

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