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From Hair Loss to Hair Gain. How to Transition to a Full Head of Hair!

How we look, and how we are perceived to others, is often paramount in our concerns. Entire industries are built on it. Egos and self confidence can be made or broken on it. When a man loses his hair it’s quite depressing, indeed for many it’s a devastating knock to the ego. I have a lot of young clients in their 20s who tell me that their outlook on life and in particular their social lives, have taken a drastic change since hair loss set in.

But one factor that’s stopping guys from rectifying their hair loss is the concern of how to transition from losing their hair, to the appearance of having a full head of hair? It’s a valid concern. Most guys don't want the drama of having to explain how they’ve reversed the hair loss, they just want to rectify it and go on with their lives. I was 17 when I started to lose my hair - a terrible age for such a public affliction. But by the time I was 21 I’d visited surgeons about hair transplants and seen all sorts of providers who were basically selling snake oil, for me at that point I felt that wearing a hair piece was the way to go, and I was able to easily transition as I’d made a huge geographical change and moved from one part of Australia to another, so my new friends really didn’t know that I’d transitioned from having thinning hair, to the appearance of a full head of hair.

My clients who are after full SMP fall into two categories: 1. they have very little hair on top and shave or trim what hair they have. 2. they have a fairly substantial amount of hair still, but know that in a few years time they will have dramatic hair loss and want a solution sooner than later. Both categories have a lot of different options. The guys with fuller hair face an easier transition because all they need to do is shave their hair down and it’s already a dramatic transformation that is complimented by SMP. Of all of my clients who do this, none have said that anyone suspected they had SMP, instead the general feedback is, “wow, you’ve shave your hair, looks great!” For the guys who have advanced hair loss and very little hair on top, looking for ways to transition can be daunting, but there are many options. Ultimately they all look at the big picture, whici is that after the SMP procedure is complete THEY WONT LOOK BALD ANYMORE!!!!

Here are a few options we’ve done for clients who’ve transitioned from having no hair, to the appearance of a full head of hair with SMP: We can do the SMP in stages, where we do only a few tattoo dots per cm, then build over time so it appears your hair is naturally and gradually becoming thicker. Take a break! Some of my busiest times are over holidays when clients have two to four weeks off then go back to work after an extended period, the most common feedback they get is “you look so relaxed, good holiday hey?” Change it up! I had one client grow an epic Ned Kelly style beard for a few months prior to his procedure, then we shaved the whole thing off, did the SMP over a few sessions and he rocked a totally different look. What did everyone notice? No beard! No one talked about his great hairline. Lie! Ok, not my favorite thing, but it’s amazing how socially acceptable it is to get a full head of hair from medications or topical treatments as opposed to getting a hair piece, or hair transplant. The jury is still out for me personally if pills and potions work, but some of my guys have outright told people that they’re on pills that have turned the hair loss process around. As I said, not my preferred strategy but it really is up to the individual client.

Taking a chance on a Hair Loss Solution can create so many feelings of trepidation: Will it work? Will I look stupid? Am I being conned? How will I go from having no hair to the appearance of a full head of hair? I tell my potential clients to shop around and educate themselves. I prefer them to come in for a personal consultations so they can meet me, see my clinic, I even put them onto other Hair Loss Solution providers if I feel they are still uncertain if the procedure is the right cure for their baldness.

Once theyve made the decision to go ahead and remedy the problem, a lot of clients have the concern of how to transition, and ultimately I tell them to think big picture, life’s short, if you've got an issue with Hair Loss and Im providing the Solution, then life really is good. For the first time in a long time, they’re going to be able to look in the mirror and know that they’ve dealt with their Hair Loss problem.

Cheers! Scott

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