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"Thank you! Im so happy with my Scalp Micropigmentation". 

Having a receding hairline or thinning hair are often the first signs of male pattern baldness and it can be quite deflating and can adversely affect someones confidence. 

Our client spotlight is a great guy who works out regularly and takes care of his skin, but wanted a hairloss solution that would look natural and age appropriate .

Saphir had his first few sessions of SMP done in NSW and came to see Scott at Replique Sydney for his next session.

While he loved having the appearance of a full head of short hair from his first two sessions, he really wanted a more youthful hairline. 

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It can be difficult working on Scalp Micropigmentation performed by another artist. Sometimes they haven't used a specific SMP pigment, instead using pigment used for traditional cosmetic tattooing, or they have used ink, normally used for body art tatooing, which can go blue to green and look terrible. 

Or they may have blow outs and an unnatural looking hairline. 

Thankfully Saphir's work was completed by an excellent artist who was very conservative with the hairline and density. We recommend having. recessed hairline for the first session, as we can always bring it down later and this is what we did with Saphir.

mens scalp micro Sydney 2022.jpg

We used a diluted shade from Bishop pigment, along with a 4pt needle on Saphir's hairline, and 8pt on his crown to achieve a natural look.

Saphir uses a clipper every few days to keep the SMP and his own hair looking consistent and his new lowered hairline looks fantastic and certainly allows him to look as young as he feels!

Replique Sydney Mens Hair

Our client has his Scalp Micropigmentation completed at Replique Sydney. 40 Oxford Street Paddington NSW.

Getting Scalp Micropigmentation or any type of hair loss solution is a big step and we encourage everyone to read up on it (our site has almost 100 pages on hairless ) and to arrange a free consultation to make sure you're getting the right treatment for you.

Replique Sydney is located in Paddington, a few blocks out from the CBD and we offer free consultations and can also do a patch test if you require, so you can feel the sensation and see how cleverly we are able to mimic your own follicles with this amazing form of cosmetic tattooing. 

Replique founder, Scott Hickman has performed thousands of SMP treatment in our Brisbane and Sydney clinics and can advice if it is the right treatment for you. 

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