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Bad Reviews as Revenge

We specialise in hair loss and so offer a very private and discrete service. Although our main site has 90 pages of content and lots of client videos and images, we respect our guys and always offer them privacy. The clients on our site have all consented to their images being used.

We are one of Australia’s largest hair piece providers and frequently book out, often with repeat clients (the best judge on a businesses value in my opinion), but we don’t have that many Google reviews.

We never push a client to leave a review, we respect that they want their experience to be private and discrete.

Sometime we we will a disappointed or disgruntled client, threatening to leave a bad review if we don’t offer him a refund.

We actually screen our clients very carefully. I tell all of them “it’s like Im selling you a car, you need to put petrol in it and you need to get a service.”

We supply and fit the hair pieces and do a haircut, we can’t help you styling it each day and we can’t help how you explain to your friends and family how you have gone from hair loss to an amazing head of hair. We can offer suggestions to help but this is ultimately up to you.

Several months ago we had one client, who booked a fitting after a consult and seeing how natural my hairline looked. He was accompanied by a friend who we felt, didn’t want him to get the hair, and didn’t offer support.

The client looked amazing and was so happy, but still very uncertain. It takes about 48 hours to get used to the hair piece and some clients love it immediately and other have buyers remorse and want to remove it until they get used to seeing themselves with a fuller head of hair.

If you have very short hair on the sides, the hair piece will look disconnected, but this is actually a style that many guys wear, with a fade at the sides and longer hair on top.

Unfortunately this client removed his hair piece and now, months later, has asked for a partial refund because he is out of work and wants some money.

He said that he will leave a positive review if I give him some money. This indicated to me that he will leave a negative review if I don’t give him money.

We insist on all new clients having a phone, facetime or in person consult with me so they can see my hair, judge for themselves if it is real and then make an informed decision without being coerced. They also are sent a Treatment Information link that states we don’t refund hairpieces, and also sign a legal form, to the same effect.

Reviews are very powerful, and Im grateful for the 5 star reviews we receive, but I as a consumer, will always read another company’s reviews and am alarmed if it is anonymous, or if the reviewer has only every left one review and they are frequent reviewers. This normally indicates they have used the reviews as a bargaining mechanism and are doing it to damage the company.

Years ago I had one poor review, not about my business but about the hair piece product in general and how it didn’t suit his lifestyle.

I had another client who gave me a 5 star review for one treatment, then a 1 star review for his next treatment because he didn’t stick to the aftercare and blamed me for the repercussions.

I encourage all clients to read reviews, but also read the response from the company, as often the review has been used as a threat, which I believe lacks authenticity and is not an honest review on the product or service offered.


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