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Getting Scalp Micropigmentation in Summer

We take our Scalp Micropigmentation seriously, and often advise some clients to wait a few months for their treatment. SMP is effectively a form of cosmetic tattoo where we do thousands of tiny dots to look like fresh stubble and if a client keeps his hair clipped a few times each week, the the hair tattoo and biological hair blend amazingly well.

But there are some factors such as sweat, that can adversely affect the SMP treatment in the settling in period.

Replique have clinics in Sydney and Brisbane, and summer in these cities can be very hot and so we ask some clients to defer their hair tattoo treatment until the weather is cooler, or unless they can take time off.

In fact the Christmas holidays are very busy for us, as many of our client who work in the building industry take a few weeks off over the Christmas and New Year period and so it’s a great opportunity for them to get the SMP treatment done and chill out at home.

Other factors to avoid when getting the treatment done in Sydney or Brisbane during Summer is to avoid swimming with your head underwater for uptown a month.

Most experienced Scalp Micropigmentation artists will recommend approximately 30 days after each session to avoid salt water and chlorinated water to let the treatment settle and for the skin to recover.

At Replique we are very insistent on good aftercare, to ensure the best long term results and so avoiding sweating, salt water and chlorinated water is key to a successful SMP treatment.

Our most popular package is the intro Pack, this is from $2800 and includes two full day sessions, then a touch up in one month and another touch up in 12 months and it is paid in instalments.

Many clients choose to space the first two sessions out with a few weeks in between, but we find that in Summer most of our clients prefer to get the two treatments done within one week, so they can heal and resume their normal activities.

Sydney Scalp Micropigmentation
Can I get SMP and sweat in Summer?


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