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Hair Transplant alternative Brisbane SYDNEY MELBOURNE

Getting hair piece, or any type of hair loss solution is a massive step and so we are aways mindful to work with clients who understand their responsibility to maintain and look after their new hair piece. 


As a hair piece wearer, Im amazed the our competitors don't offer a Hair Care Pack or some items that can help their client to maintain and enjoy their hair.


Losing hair can be difficult, I remember one client in our Melbourne Replique telling me that he felt so restricted when seeing fiends and going out, because he was stuck wearing a hat, and really missed trying different hair piece style and looks. As a hairpiece company, it is our job to design, fit, cut and style a hairpiece but we also feel that it is important to guide a client on how to maintain and look after their hair piece. 

Clients getting a Replique Hair Piece in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney should expect it to last 6 to 12 months, with regular rebond services. We have our own range of Colour protect Shampoo and Conditioner and now have released an Argan Oil, that all clients receive with their Intro Kit purchase.  

Replique Second Skin hair Pieces can traditionally last 6 to 12 months, but the wear and tear comes from combing and styling. We recommend using Replique Argan Oil each day to keep the hair supple and pliable.


Our own biological hair has natural oils in the keep the hair soft, we need to supplement the hair systems with external oils and treatments to keep them soft.


Many of our clients wear hats and so this can create friction and ultimately damage the hair piece. If a client regularly wears a hat or cap, we recommend they add a few drops of the Replique Argan Oil to their hands, rub to gather to disperse, then gently apply to the hair.


One of the reasons why a Replique hair piece looks so natural, is that we always have volume at the hairline, it is essential to not have any product along the hair at the hairline, as it will congeal, and the hair can clump together, exposing the hairline base.

Instead, tap the Argan Oil at the top of the head, away from the hairline, then clean your hands and comb the Argan Oil through, this will disperse the Argan Oil through the hair and help to keep it soft and supple. 

Repliue Intro pack.HEIC

Likewise, some clients are very rough sleepers, tossing and turning, and this can damage the hair, so we recommend putting aa few drops of the Argan Oil on before sleeping. Ultimately, at Replique we want a client for life, so e are very invested in helping our clients make their hair pieces last for as long as possible. We are really happy to add our Argan Oil to our range of Hair Care products. 

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How to Extend the Life of Your Hair Piece with Replique Argan Oil

Replique Mens Hair Pieces cost $800, then with a fee if you want a haircut and fitting, and we want our clients to be "clients for life", so we are very invested in them making their hair pieces last for as long as possible.


Since opening in 2016 in Brisbane, our philosophy has always been "Five Star Service with Entry Level Prices".


Our largest competitor has mens hair units for approximately $3000, while one of our Melbourne competitors offers hair pieces for $9000! 


We have always vowed to keep our prices low, quality high and help our clients to make their mens hair units last as long as possible.   

When we do a fitting at our Australian Hair Loss Clinic, we always do training, on how to maintain their new amazing head of hair.


Many of our clients haven't had hair for years, instead they have been doing a buzz cut, or kept their hair cut really short and so they haven't been bothered too much on using Shampoo and conditioner.   

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