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Thank you to all of our new 2019 clients. I love helping guys change their hairlines and transform their lives. The popularity of Replique hair pieces has sky-rocketed in January. This month I'd like to introduce Adrian & Adriano, two hair piece clients who did it for their own happiness. In their words "Why Not".

I'm also stoked that so many Australian men are discovering the best kept hair replication secret, Scalp Micropigmentation. Shhhh... Don't' tell anyone that you can get quick, easy hair replication that doesn't require surgery or cost a bomb. This month our feature SMP client is Yan who shows off how brilliant a hair tattoo looks on darker skin tones. So natural & realistic.

Remember you can save some money and get a free hour of scalp micropigmentation with our current New Client Special. Book 4 hours and only pay for 3!


If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me on my direct number 0439 558 835, Cheers Scott.

Adrian & Adriano

 Semi Permanent Hair Piece

Adrian and Adriano felt really confident getting the hair pieces as they had watched many viral videos online, from companies like Quiff and Co and were excited to find a young and fashion forward company in Brisbane who specialises in ultra realistic hair pieces.

Adrian & Adriano's message is a great one.

Do it for yourself! For your own happiness. The boys recently moved from Melbourne and decided to give a hair piece a go. They wanted hair, they'd seen us online and they just couldn't think of a reason not to try this tangible hair loss solution. If it didn't work out then what had they really lost. Nothing. Of course it did work out and the guys are very happy with their instant full head of hair.

Brilliantly colour matched to blend with their remaining hair and their beards, the boys opted for our medium short back and sides style to give them a bit of length at the front.

"Having a fringe again is an amazing feeling. I love catching my reflection in the mirror and seeing body and movement in my hairline again." 

Check out our recommended hair styles for hair pieces at:


Scalp Micropigmentation

To see Yan now you wouldn't think he has long term advanced hair loss. He was intrigued to find out more about a hair tattoo for baldness and after checking out the client gallery on our website he quickly booked a consultation and he hasn't looked back. A few session of Scalp Micropigmentation later the results were stunning. The SMP has given Yan the appearance of a full head of closely shaven hair. Yan & I were very impressed with how his skin  tone took our specialist pigments. At Replique we've perfected scalp micropigmentation for dark skin tones. To make sure you get the best  results only have SMP done by a experienced accredited professional.

Finally a quick, easy hair replication technique that doesn't require surgery or break the bank balance. Check out our client gallery at:

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