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“Did it hurt your scalp to get the hair that bright blonde colour?”
I love it when people think my hair is natural, and I really love the shocked expression on their faces when I tell them it’s a hairpiece.
Part of what makes a Replique hairpiece so realistic is the invisible bond on our hairlines but also the hairstyles and treatments that our barbers and hairdressers use.
We’ve used a 100% human hair in Arctic White and put in two layers of soft grey low lights to add depth and tone. 

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Scott hair transplant alternative

When getting a hairloss solution like a Semi Permanent hairpiece, it's really important to make sure that you get a hairstyle that has some movement and shape to it - we dont want it looking fake! We have an incredible team of in-house barbers and hairdressers that can blend the piece with your own hair so it's impossible to tell where your hair ends and the hairpiece begins!

Scott bald hair solution australia.jpg
Scott mens hair pieces brisbane.jpg

As well as being this months hairpiece spotlight, Scott is also the owner of Replique. "My hair started to thin at 17 so by the time I was 21 I was wearing a hairpiece. That was 27 years ago now and in that time Ive tried every type of hairpiece and now know exactly what is perfect to for an undetectable hair loss solution".


The Replique Hairpieces are like a second skin when fitted and we use a speciliaist "invisible bond" that is really suited to Australia's hot weather and active lifestyle. 


Starting from $800

Second Skin Technology

Invisible Bond

Super Easy to Fit at Home or in our Clinic

Dozens of Colours. Amazing Hairstyles!

"I love being able to help guys who are worried about thinning hair, I've tried every hairloss solution out there and am more than happy to spend some time on the phone chatting about what does and doesnt work.


Want to give me a call for a no pressure chat? Im on 0498 988 131, feel free to text or call!


Hairloss sucks and Im always happy to chat about what pills, potions, surgery and the newest in hair loss solutions from around the world.

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