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Replique Melbourne

Replique first opened in 2016 and now is arguably Australia's largest hair system supplier that just focusses on providing "Instant Hair", no pills, potions and intangible results.

We have locations in Sydney and Brisbane and a fantastic hair loss studio in Dandenong, Melbourne. 

Replique Melbourne owner, Wayne Arthur had been wearing hairpieces for about 30 years, he's tried so many different hair replacement types and hair piece bases, including swiss lace toupees, as well as mono, lace front and polyurethane bases. Wayne, like Scott the founder of Replique, was used to buy his hairpieces by going to a salon to get a template measured then waiting four months or more for his hairpiece to arrive, and then having it fitted.

At Replique Melbourne, Wayne and his amazing hairdresser carry a lot of Replique Second Skin hair systems in stock and can cutomise, fit and do your haircut in hours, rather waiting months. 
Replique Brisbane Mens Hair Pieces Sydney.JPG
Traditionally getting a non surgical hair replacement in Melbourne used to take 4 to 6 months, Wayne and Michael are able to match your haircut and can to give our clients the best hair of their lives in just hours.

Replique Melbourne opened late 2022 and has grown to be a popular hair replacement salon for men with male pattern baldness. 

When searching for a location, Wayne looked at different premises in the Melbourne CBD, but knowing that Replique have an amazing reputation in Sydney and Brisbane for helping many Indian and South East Asian clients he decided to open his first Melbourne location in Dandenong, as there is such a strong community of different cultures here.

The second part of the year is alway busy with our wonderful Indian and South East Asian men who were getting their hair done for their Weddings, then flying back to India for their amazing celebrations. 

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Wayne at Replique Melbourne has developed a great relationship with many clients since opening, and while we get a lot of calls from our google and our social media presence, what makes us really happy is the referrals from current clients to their friends and colleagues who pass on their amazing Replique experience. 

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Getting any type of hair replacement is a massive step so Wayne always offers a free consultation so you can check out how natural his hairline looks, see what the different colours are and do a patch test with our amazing tape that secures the hair and gives an amazing natural appearance. 


Replique Melbourne 
50 Robinson Street Dandenong
Tel: 0447 004 808

Interested in a consultation or booking?
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