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Your New Hair Piece: Will You Get 12 Weeks or 12 Months from it?

How long will it last?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked when we do a consultation for Replique Hair Pieces.

We specialise in a modern style of hairpiece, that is based on an ultra thin membrane that’s bonded to the scalp, so the hair looks like it is growing from the actual skin.

As a rule, the thinner the base, the more realistic the hairline and general appearance, but the shorter the life.

We’ve managed to tweak and finesse the systems so that they can last up to six months for most clients. Some only manage two or three months, and others last for over 12 months.

The key to longevity isn’t how the team here treat the hair piece – it’s how it is looked after at home.

We had a visit from one client who has had his hairpiece for over 13 months and he allowed me to take some pics. The hairpieces still has incredible density and looks like it is only weeks old. The client gave me the following advice “keep the hair short and just comb or style it once a day.”

Here’s some other advice to keep your new hair piece in fantastic condition:

  1. Keep the hair medium or short in length so it needs minimal combing 2. Wash the hair only once a week or even less if possible 3. Avoid too much friction by putting caps on and off through the day 4. Always use the Wide Tooth Comb we provide and avoid brushes 5. Don’t over style the hair, just comb or style it once each day and avoid too much product

We can provide an amazing hair loss solution, to some it’s the best hair they will ever have. But ultimately the true key to making it last a long time is how it is kept for at home.

Is it going to last 12 weeks or 12 months? That’s really up to how the client follows our advice and really looks after their amazing head of hair.

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