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Aaaghhhhh. The amount of times Ive heard this comment and worried about the outcome!

This fantastic client came into our Sydney clinic and had an amazing experience. We normally insist on an in-person, phone or video consult at our Melbourne or Sydney locations before we do a fitting for our hair replacement treatments, as getting a mens hair system or hair piece is a massive step.

We tell all our guys that it's right up there next to buying property or getting in a relationship. We are actually very selective about the clients we take on, as we only work with guys who we know have thought about this form of hair replacement, and who are up for the joys of styling their new hair and the challenges of ongoing maintenance. sometimes we tell a potential client to take some more time to think about it.


mens Hair Piece Before Photo.jpg
mens second skin hair patch melbourne.jpeg

Our client had watched all of our videos and seen every page of our website so was well aware of how we bond the hair pieces to the scalp, what the maintenance is and what haircuts we offer.

We offer free consultations in our Melbourne and Sydney clinics for our hair systems and always ask our clients the important questions: "how are you going to go from thinning or or male pattern baldness to the best hair of your life?" 

it is normally the one factor that holds people back from getting this form of hair replacement, how will they explain the transformation to their friends, family and colleagues?

We never want to put a hairpiece on a client who is going to take it off because he is uncomfortable with the transformation. but our objective is to make mens hairpieces as fashionable and socially acceptable as women hair extensions.

There's no different to getting veneers on your teeth or tattoos, it's about making yourself look and feel great.


mens undetectable hair relacement melbourne sydney.jpeg

The worlds most popular hair replacement is a hat and it is so much easier for clients to go from thinning hair to a hairpiece if they have been wearing hats and caps, as no one really knows what is going on underneath.


While our client regularly wore hats, he had no fears about his new look.


We did a phone consult where we discussed the bonding process, what his expectations were and what haircut he want.


Our client sent through several photos so we could review the best colour for him.


Replique are very different to other hair loss clinics, normally when getting a hair piece or patch, you need to go in, and get measured for a size, they take a swatch of your hair then get a hairpiece made, which takes months. 




Instead we specialise in express fittings. We have over 100 colours and our clients come in for a free consult, choose their colour, then when it is time for a fitting, we take 2 hours to customise the hairpiece to their hair loss size, bond it and do the haircut. No waiting months, we are only a few hours! 

For this client we put aside here different grey blends and he chose a 50% grey and a medium haircut, it looks fantastic. 

When we messaged him a few days later to see how it had settled down he said "I wish I'd done it sooner!"

This client chose or Intro pack, which also comes with a hair care pack and a rebond in a few weeks time, then he can choose to rebond at home or we can o the services for him every month or as required. 


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