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This month we have two clients in our spotlight so we can show both of our hair loss treatments. Ben is a well known guy from his sucessful appearance on Big Brother TV Show and loves the confidence and subtle hairline that SMP has given him, while our hairpiece client, Barend, is over the moon with his new look

BAREND - Semi Permanent Hair Piece


Barend is such a stylish guy and worked really well with our hair piece technician and hair styist to create an amazing look.

Our client is lucky enough to look handsome with or without hair but our team really noticed his smile absolutely lit up once we'd done his fitting and gave him a fantastic haircut.

Barend lives in a warm part of Australia, so we decided to go with a bond that would last for a very long time (up to 3 to 4 weeks) and that is suitable for humid conditions. 

We selected a light brown hair, which is actually one shade lighter than Barend's own biological hair but gives him a really great summer feel. 

We have seven different brown tones alone, each one is made up from several different combinations of hues to give natural and subtle looking blends. 

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BEN - Scalp Micropigmentation

“It’s like filling in the blanks. Scott replicated what I’d lost returning me to the buzz cut look I’d had only a few years ago. I’m stoked! I wish I’d done it sooner. ”

“Scalp Micropigmentation was an easy, permanent, conservative solution for my male pattern baldness. Now it’s sorted for good. No more searching. No more googling. No more disappointments. Thanks Replique!”

Over three SMP sessions we replaced what Ben had lost, recreating his hairline and crown. The result was a gradual transformation that was so subtle it went unnoticed by many.

SMP puts you in control of your hair loss. It’s cost effective and requires very little maintenance. If you’re already using clippers then the transition is easy.
A scalp tattoo was a natural fit for Ben. It could be a natural fit for you too.

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Replique is Australia's only Male Anti Aging Clinic and dedicated to helping guys Turn Back Time with Hair Loss Solutions the let your Fit In, or Stand Out! Are you interested in one of our natural looking and affordable solutions? Feel free to contact us for a free online or in-clinic consultation. 

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