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"Nervous? Yeh of course! But once Id gotten used to  it, I loved my new hair".  
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Getting any type pf hair loss solution is an epic step. At Replique Clinics in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney we never take it for granted.


Getting a Hair Piece, Scalp Micropigmentation, hair tattoo, hair transplant or any kind of hair loss and baldness solution, is right up there in importance, next to buying property or getting married!


A poor hair loss solution can be even worse than losing your hair in the first place. 


Our client Jesse went from advanced male pattern baldness to an amazing full head of hair, and while he had some nerves initially he took to the change incredibly well. 

When we did Jesses' first fitting in 2020 I was very mindful of the public transformation he was undertaking, as he is a music teacher at a Secondary School and also a musician so we were very aware that he would be the centre of attention when returning to his School for the first time and also when he turned up at a gig. 

At Replique Clinics in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney we always offer a free hair loss and hair replacement consultation where Steve in Brisbane or Scott in Sydney will explain how the hair pieces are bonded and the entire process of how we fit the hair pieces. We also show the client the different hair piece densities and colours and encourage the client to get involved in choosing the perfect hair piece for his situation.

A consultation is also a great way to discover the difference between a mens hair piece, toupee and wig.  

Jesse had already watched all of our mens hair piece and hair replacement Youtube videos and was fully versed in the procedure but really wanted to ensure his hair colour was an ideal match for the hair piece and that we were able to deliver his dream haircut so he could style it in a few different ways.

Mens Semi Permanent HAir Pieces Sydney B
Mens Wigs and Toupees Sydney and Brisban
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While Replique Hair Pieces are amazing, it is essential that our clients understand that having a fully bonded hairpieces isnt as simple as wearing a hat.

It's also really important for potential hair loss clients to know the difference between Mens Semi Permanent Hair Pieces, Toupees, Clip in hair, toppers and mens wigs.

For all new clients in our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane clinics, we offer a package where we fit the hairpiece, customise it to the scalp, do a fantastic haircut and train our clients to rebond at home. Jesse chose to come in for his rebonds and has also learnt how to rebond at home with the Walkers Hairpiece Tape and Glue that we provide. 

Replique Clinics in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney specialise in first time mens hair piece wearers and established wearers and we work incredibly closely to ensure all our clients are ecstatic with their result. 

Are you interested in a Second Skin Mens Semi Permanent Hairpiece? We offer free hair piece consultations in our Melbourne clinic on 0447 004 808 and our Sydney clinic on 0439 558 835.

Our Brisbane clinic is at 392 Logan Road Stones Corner and close to Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Newstead and the CBD, while Replique Sydney is at 2 - 8 Brisbane street Surry Hills and close to Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Moore Park, Edgecliffe, Sydney CBD and walking distance from Central Station and Museum Station.

Our Melbourne salon is owned by a great guy, Wayne has been a hair piece wearer for over 30 years and fully understnads how imprtant it is to get a natural looking and long lasting hair loss solution. 

Both clinics are run by a team who are very experienced in mens hair loss, thinning hair, receding hairlines, mens hair pieces, Scalp Micropigmentation and hair transplant alternatives.  

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Replique founder, Scott first started to lose his hair at 17 and has tried pretty much every hair loss pill, potion, hair care product and hair replacement solution out there and is determined to help men and women by offering tangible and proven hair loss solutions. 

You can contact Scott on: 0439 558 835

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