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Mens Hair Piece Intro Pack.HEIC

At Replique in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we love helping our clients find the right hair loss solution for them.  

Many have spent time looking at options such as FUE hair transplants, Scalp Micropigmentation, that along with non surgical hair pieces, are options to remedy hair that has fallen or recess. 

Others have used PRP and hair loss medication to try to slow their hair loss or gain growth. but for any client who wants a second skin non surgical hair system, we always encourage them to nurture their hairpiece to get the maximum life out of it. 

Scott and Wayne, Replique owners, have worn hairpieces for decades and have been clients of many hair loss clinics around Australia and always felt underwhelmed with the follow up care and supply support after their fittings. 

We want our clients hair systems to last for as long as possible and we want our clients to be clients for life .thats why we still have clients who first bought a hair unit from Replique in our Brisbane location in 2016, who are still supporting us, by purchasing hair pieces as they need.


One way we help our clients to nurture their hairpiece and extend the life of it, is with the hair care supplies that we have developed, and include in our intro packs. 

So many of our competitors leave their clients empty handed when they leave, where as we are honoured by each client and want to support them in their hair loss journey. 

The hair pieces will gradually shed their hair over time, most of this happens when a client washes their hair in the shower and then styles it. The other time is when a client combs and styles their hair after waking up each day.

Every time you comb your hair and every time you run your fingers thorough your hair, there's a chance that a hair will come out. We include a special comb that is perfect for hai pieces, it is gentle and doesn't cause friction on the hair. Never use fine tooth comb or brush as it can pull the hair out. 

Wayne, in Replique Melbourne has been a hair piece wearer for years, he had a new client come in recently  who had been buying hair pieces from another supplier, in the city, and suspected that they were deteriorating the hairpiece every time they did a rebond.

Such a horrible thought, sometimes other salons or clinics can use very harsh chemicals on the hair and this can shorten the lifespan. We prefer to use Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner that will enrich and preserve the hair.

We take approximately two hours to do a fitting. and a haircut, we also give our clients a detailed instruction booklet on how to maintain and style their hair.At the fitting many clients are very anxious and nervous so we understand how difficult it is to focus when we are doing the training. So the booklets is a useful part of the Hair Care Kit.

We offer rebond and haircut services five days at our locations in Melbourne and Sydney, and will be operating several days a week in Brisbane, and although we offer rebonds, we also include Walkers Ultra Hold Glue and Replique 30 day tape in case a client needs to do a rebond at home. 

Replique is such a popular option for men and women looking for a non surgical hair loss solution, part of it is our quality of hand made hairpieces, part is how amazing our marketing messages are, but perhaps the most important factor in our popularity is how dedicated we are in providing amazing service so we can build long term relationships with clients, and help them bring back not just a beautiful head of hair, but also their confidence. 

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