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"I'm so glad I chose to do the SMP over time. No one has noticed but when I look in the mirror I look like myself again". 

Scalp Micropgigmentation, Mens Hair Pieces, FUE hair Transplant.... these are the three most popular hair loss solutions in Australia and we are vey honest in our clinics, to advice that there aren't any perfect hair loss solutions. 

Some require surgery, others require regular maintenance, and others are only suitable if you want a certain type of hairstyle.


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But SMP, or Scalp Mcropigmentation is by far the most subtle and treatment, this is especially important for clients who want to get back their appearance of a full head of hair gradually. While they may be excited by their hair transformation, they are a bit nervous about unwanted questions and attention of how they go back the appearance of an amazing head of hair again. 

Our client desperately wanted back his full hairline, without having to explain it, so we started with the Low Density package for $990, where we concentrated on filling in his crown, or bald spot area and blending down to his biological hair. this way he still appeared to have a very recessed hairline.  Then he had a further session to ad more density to the cron and some colour to the hairline.

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These photos are from his thrd session, where we added a second layer of the SMP treatment to his hairline and blended further into our original SMP work. 

Miriam and Scott believe in create natural looking hairlines that are designed with the clients input. it is a very consultative process, where we draw in several possible hairlines and then work to the clients preferred design. 

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Many other SMP practitioners in brisbane and Sydney offer a "one size fits all" approach, where as after years of doing Scalp Micropigmentation in brisbane and Sydney, we have learnt that the best way to make our clients happy is tooter different packages, based on the density and hairline that each specific client wants. 

Our light density package is from $990 ad the full Density package is $2800 and includes two free touch ups.

Miriam and Scott are proud to offer packages to cater to different clients needs. Our client is very happy with the results and has achieved a natural and subtle appearance of a full head of short hair with SMP> 

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