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At other hair replacement clinics and salons in Australia, you need to wait months for your new hair piece to arrive.

Back in 2016 Replique pioneered the technique of ordering one hair piece in each colour in an oversized base, then customising it to a client hair loss area in the fitting, so the experience takes hours, rather than months.

We actually have three black shades, 7 brunette shades, three blonde shades plus we hand colour to different red and gender tones.

Got some greys? No problem! Our colours also come in 10% all the way through to 80% grey options, giving us a total of 120 different colour options for fast supply.

Hair Colour #6. Light Brown


Hair Colour #7. Lightest Brown

7 x 1.jpg

Hair Colour #18. Dark Blonde

17 X 1.jpg
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