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"Let me tell you, now four weeks later and the selfies have not stopped. I have never felt more like myself, and my only regret is not doing it sooner."

Nothing tells potential clients about getting a hair system, like another clients own story.  Haydn is an amazing guy who flew from Far North QLD to Replique Sydney for his hair replacement and has been such an incredible support. 

Here is his story...


My hair has been thin for as long as I can remember. And the first time I shaved my head was when I was 19 - that was 14 years ago. I have shaved my head twice a week since then.


Every man with male pattern baldness will understand that if you allow even the slightest bit of length to grow out, you age yourself by at least five years as the baldness on top becomes more pronounced.


I should say that in high school I also had doctor prescribed ointments that didn't help with hair growth.


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I am a guy who likes nice clothes, likes nice things, fashion, getting a pedicure, getting a facial and all the rest of it, but for 14 years, I had not been to a hair dresser or barber.

I wanted a cool hairstyle - no, I needed it. So, two years ago I started my research. Ranging from strip transplants, to plugs to off the shelf wigs. I made more phone calls than I care to think about, and everything sounded either too hard or too scary, or they were not willing to talk to me over the phone at all and I had to book a consult. Living in Far North QLD, you can see the complexity of a face to face appointment as services like this are based in Capital Cities.


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Then I found Repique and was greeted by Scott. What started as an online web enquiry, turned into a WhatsApp video call, and I was sold.

As I am writing this, I am getting goosebumps thinking about the feeling. I was going to have hair! Scott sent me the links to choose my colour (we had lots of discussions about getting the right colour to blend with my natural hair), and I was booked in for four weeks time.

Scott had told me in our consultation that he was selective of clients, as he wanted clients to truly appreciate the change they were about to experience. This excited me, as I now felt like part of an exclusive "Replique Club" and to be a member, you needed to have amazing hair and the confidence to rock it.

I was a pain in the ass, I arrived in Sydney early, and of course couldn't wait for my appointment and wanted my new hair before an event that we had planned.

Scott never made me feel like a burden and did everything he could to meet my needs. It was time to get my hair. I walked into Replique and was greeted with a glass of bubbles and hug from Scott. We chatted, he showed me the hair piece (which we joked looked like road kill), sat down, and it was time to get to business. Santiago then took over as the stylist and walked me through the steps of what he was going to do. He measured out the hairpiece, cut it to size, and then cleaned up my hair for where the hairpiece would go. By then, both Scott and Santiago could tell I was a sweater and spoke about the pros and cons of using glue and tape as the adhesive to bond the piece to my scalp.


Hair Transplant Alternative Brisbane_edited.jpg
Mens Hair Patch Sydney_edited.jpg

Before I knew it, the piece was on my head, and he must have seen horror on my face because Santiago said “don’t worry, we are going to cut it”. At this point, it was chin length hair that I was not cool with haha. 30 minutes later and it was styled, I had hair, I had gained two inches of height, and I couldn’t wait to go to my event that evening. The selfies started, messaging everyone pictures, and I could not walk past my own reflection without double taking. I was stoked.

Let me tell you, now four weeks later and the selfies have not stopped. I have never felt more like myself, and my only regret is not doing it sooner. I should have been born with this hair! Friends have asked me “how long did it take to grow your hair out?” and I love laughing and telling them “It’s not my hair!” Even I am starting to relax and forget that I am wearing a hair piece.


I have done a re-bond on my own now and Scott spent about 30 minutes on the phone to me beforehand walking me through it. It looks great, and I am on day 14 with no movement in the piece. I have even found a local hair dresser who is happy to do the re-bonds for me so I can get the hair dresser experience that I have been craving!

Words cannot put into place how appreciative I am of Scott, and Replique for their professionalism, guidance, and for introducing this affordable technology to me. So, I’ll end with this, if you’re thinking about it - just do it! You won’t regret it. After 14 years of being bald, I finally feel like myself and I am never looking back.


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