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Scalp Micropigmentation is an easy, affordable hair replication technique, that subtly and gradually recreates your hairline and fills in the blanks on your scalp, to give you the appearance of a full head of closely shaven hairSome businesses will try to sell you several two hour sessions (at $1000 per session), however at Replique we believe in giving the client as much density as possible, in thorough and value for money sessions.

 I'm introducing you to Carl our April SMP spotlight client to show you his amazing journey. 



Having SMP change Carl completely, he went thought a journey changing his entirely look, fitness and the last part and best decision was the Scalp Micropigmentation. 

" For me it's just been absolutely huge and really gave me my confidence back, for 14 year I've been shaving my head, because I felt, you know, was the only option I had and always covering my head with a baseball cap... Now I feel like I'm more fit in, I can wear what I want, look how I like,. Just makes me feel so much more happier" Carl. 

We’ve performed hundreds of the treatments in our Brisbane clinic for men from all over Australia.

More client videos, testimonials and information at the following link:

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“Fantastic service provided by Scott, Santiago & David. Staff are professional and friendly. I highly recommend Replique Grooming. Each appointment I've attended has always been a positive experience. Thanks so much guys for me making me look awesome!."


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