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"Its so subtle, no on knows my secret"

For many men, our hair loss problems are compounded by the idea of people finding out that we've actually gone ahead with a hair loss solution.

Getting an FUE Hair Transplant or a hair piece are great ways get back back the appearance of a full head of hair.

But having an overnight transformation can be really daunting to many clients. That's why SMP is so popular among Australian guys.

Our Sydney client didn't want to answer questions about how he went from thinning hair with male pattern baldness, to thicker hair, so he chose the Introduction Package of Scalp Micropigmentation and we gradually added back density, at a pace he was comfortable with.




The first step in his journey was a free consultation with Scott, the owner of Replique Sydney. Scott experienced hairloss at just 17 and has tried most so called "cures". In 2016 he opened Replique Clinic, focussing on Scalp Micropigmentation and Mens Semi Permanent Hair Pieces, or "Glue On Hair". 

Since that time we have helped countless men get back their smiles, confidence and appearance of a full head of hair. While the hair pieces are popular, they certainly aren't subtle, so wearing one wasn't an option for this client. 

Instead he choose our $2800 Intro SMP package, which is paid in instalments. 




We approach each client individually, some prefer to have all of their treatments done within a few days of one another, while others prefer to space their treatments out. 

With this client we focussed on session 1 by filling in the back of the crown, or the bald spot, with the hair tattoo treatment and creating a highly recessed hairline, so from the front, people wouldn't notice any difference.

"I was so nervous about returning to work after the first session, but no one noticed any difference. Scott told me they wouldn't, and he was right!"

We waited a few weeks before the client came back for his second session, this time we focussed more on lowering the hairline. We still kept it recessed, but a few centimetres lower than previously, then for session 3 we created a full, but jagged hairline.


Best of all, no one knew what he had done. A few colleagues said his hair was looking good, but it was so subtle that no one actually asked if he had any kind of hair loss treatment, which was the main concern our client had.  

Replique Sydney Mens Hair

Our client has his Scalp Micropigmentation completed at Replique Sydney. 40 Oxford Street Paddington NSW.

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