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After years on hair loss medication our client noticed his hairline starting to thin so he worked with Scott at Replique Sydney to add the appearance of density with a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.

Scalp Micropigmentation, or scalp hair cosmetic tattooing has grown in popularity since Replique introduced the treatment to our clients in 2016. Since then we’ve done thousands of treatments.

Most SMP is done on men with advanced male pattern baldness, who keep their hair clippered short and we rebuild their hairline so it is age appropriate and natural looking, and work back to the crown (commonly known as the bald spot) and blend down to the temples.

Scalp Hair Tatto Sydney Brisbane.jpg

This is a great hair loss solution and hair transplant alternative for guys who love the buzzcut look. But we are increasing seeing it being used by men and women who have fine or thin hair as an option to give the appearance of added density and volume.

We position the guidelines within the clients actual hairline so the tiny scalp micropigmentation follicle replicas commence half a centimetre back from the hairline to give a natural shadow effect

Our client spotlight for this month is a perfect example, he is a guy in his 30s who is only just starting to notice the effects of male pattern baldness but he continues to use hair loss medication which is a DHT blocker called Propecia which has the active ingredient called Finasteride, and so is only looking for a non-surgical hair loss solution to add the appearance of more density.

Hairline Tattoo Hair Loss Clinic Sydney Brisbane.jpg
Hairline tattoo Sydney Brisbane Replique.jpg

At Replique Clinics in Sydney and Brisbane we use a fine needle, that is similar in size to a hair follicle, and we create thousands of tiny follicle replica dots to take away the colour of the scalp and give the appearance of incredible thick hair.

Scott in Sydney performed the treatment and diluted the scalp tattooing pigment to match the client’s hair colour and skin tone. We did one session of two hours and the client is coming in for a check up in a few weeks to review if we need to add further colour.

Hair Transplant ALternative Sydney Brisbane.jpg
Scalp Micropigmentation Sydney Brisbane.jpg

Steve at Replique Brisbane and Scott at Replique Sydney have done many of these treatment for women who want to give the appearance of thicker hair and we carefully add the tiny scalp tattoo dots to match the hair colour and essentially take away the colour of the skin.

Do you want to see what Scalp Micropigmentation can do for your hair loss situation?

Rebuild Your Hairline With A Replique Sydney or Brisbane Hairline Tattoo! 
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