Looking For A Hair Transplant Alternative? Get an Instant Full Head of Natural Hair with a Replique Semi Permanent Hair Piece. 

1. Choose Your Base Size.
2. Choose Your Hair Colour.
3. Choose Your Hair Style.

  Jed's hairline was receding at 21. "It was like a handbrake had been pulled on my life. I was wearing a cap 24/7 because I didn't want to be known as the bald guy in my group of friends. My hair piece has given me freedom. I can go clubbing with my mates again because I no longer have to hide under a hat."


Looking For A Non Surgical Hair Transplant Alternative That Will Save You Money? Our high quality men's hair systems are the perfect hair transplant alternative. They are non surgical, affordable and you get immediate results. Walk out with an instant full head of natural hair.

Looking For A Hair Loss Solution That Will Suit Your Life Style? Our Hair Pieces Are Swim, Shower & Gym Proof.

Worried That It Won't Look Natural? Our units are 100% human hair, that is perfectly colour matched to blend with your hair. Your glue on hair is securely bonded to your head so that the hair looks like it's growing right out of your scalp. 

How Long Will It Last? Is is Easy To Care For? How much does it Cost? Your unit will last 12 - 20 weeks depending on how you care for it. Your hair piece is bonded to the scalp with a no budge bond for up to 30 days. Then a quick 30 minute clean & rebond and your ready for another 30 days. We provide an in house rebond service but if you're into DIY we will teach you to do it at home yourself. It's that Easy. Our hair pieces are just $800 each. We will fit and cut the unit for $150 and your first rebond will be free of charge.  

Nervous About Transitioning To A Full Head Of Hair? That's normal. Scott knows the tricks to transitioning. He will help you work out a game plan and support you through the process. Scott has successfully helped hundreds of guys just like you. 

Marco 32,  "Before my hair piece I just didn't feel like the best version of me. My Facebook and Insta feeds were full of food and pet pics. After my hair piece my feeds are full of selfies. I'm back baby" 





Before you Give Up & Buzz Cut Chat With Scott.

No one chooses to go bald. It something that happens to you. But you're not powerless. You can change your hairline and change your life. It's never too early or too late to address your hair loss and turn back time. 

Replique specialises in tangible, discrete hair replication techniques. A consultation is free. There's no shame, no risk and no pressure when you book time to chat with Scott about your situation. You never know you may find the perfect solution for you. 

Dan 42, "I was really uncomfortable with my hair loss & I didn't want to find myself in a high pressure consultation. Scott was really laid back. He made me feel comfortable and even told me to wait a month to decide. I was back within a week and now I have the best hair I've had in my life."



Scott the founder of Replique is driven to improving the image and self esteem of his clients. To those who are struggling to take the first step he says.

'' You can't control what other people think so why let the fear of their reaction control you and rob you of real transformation. Not one client who initially wavered has said in hindsight I wish I hadn't done this. Many have said I just wish I'd done this sooner!'  

Paul  28, "My hair piece really has turned back time. My wife says I look like the man she married years ago. She says she wouldn't even recognise me without hair anymore. It's unreal!"


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