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Replique Hair Loss Solutions that let You Fit In or Stand Out.

There are many hair loss solutions now available in Australia, from the invasive such as medication and surgery, to the low risk and high guarantee such as Semi Permanent Hair Pieces and Scalp Micropigmentation.

Perhaps one of the first questions you should ask is, “do I want a hair loss solution that will make me fit in, or stand out?”

Want to fit in? Coming from having a shaved head and still want a hairline? Scalp Micropigmentation is by far the most discrete and subtle hair loss solution on offer, we skilfully replicate follicles with thousands of tiny microperforations. Some people call this Scalp Tattooing or Paramedical Tattooing and it is growing in popularity due to the natural and subtle appearance it gives. At Replique we do Scalp Micropigmentation over several sessions, and in each session the density thickens, and it appears that more and more follicles are growing back, allowing for a very natural appearing and gradual hair loss solution.

Another discrete hair loss solution is with a short or medium length, thin skin hair pieces. These are a relatively new development and each hair is embedded in a paper thin membrane that is then bonded to the scalp for up to 30 days at a time, then it’s a matter of peeling the unit off, cleaning and rebonding it. 30 days on and 30 minutes off! The units are made from 100% human hair and are very versatile, allowing for short to medium length haircuts that allow you to fit in and look as normal and natural as if you’re growing your own hair. Been wearing a hat, cap or products like Toppiks to conceal your hairloss? Then these two hair loss solutions are ideal for you.

Want to stand out? Do you want an amazing haircut that will get heads turning and make you really feel a million dollars? Replique’s hairdressers and barbers create hairstyles from hipster to classic, from preppy to undercut. Foils, balayage, ombre, we can colour your new hair and give you the hairstyle of your dreams. Blonde, ginger, brunette? We stock at least six different brown tones to make the perfect match to your hair colour.

Our Semi Permanent Hair Pieces can be cut to a few centimetres in length for a short style or we can custom make them with extra length for a cool Byron Bay style man-bun. You dream it, we can make the hairstyle happen!

Each follicle is embedded into the thin membrane, so the hairs appear to be growing naturally out of your scalp. This advanced technology also gives amazing hairstyle freedom, the undetectable hairline allows you to have the hair slicked back or parted at the side and has really moved this form of a hair loss solution from just being hair replacement to now being an amazing male grooming and fashion statement.

Many of our clients claim that “this is the best hair of my life” and we agree.

So what kind of hair loss solution are you after? Something ultra discrete that will allow you to be subtle and “fit in”, or an amazing head of hair, that will really make you “stand out”. Give Replique a message on 0498 988 131 or book a hassle free 30 minute consultation at

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