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Top 7 Male Grooming Hacks for 2018

1. WAX. Keep it Tidy Guys! Today's modern culture demands a smooth, flawless finish that only waxing can provide. Waxing is quick and easy with long lasting results that save you time trimming. Ears, nose, arms, legs, chest and abdomen. Waxing will leave you smooth, clean, comfortable and confident. New to waxing? To get the best results in a masculine setting book with a specialist such as Replique who are masters in male waxing.

2. HAIR LOSS. Losing your hair? Don't Panic. Look into modern hair replication and deal with your hair loss now. Fix male pattern balding without surgery, huge lump sum payments or the ongoing costs of hair growth products or toppiks. Scalp Micropigmentation, (a scalp tattoo) mimics missing hair follicles to create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair or a full head of closely shaven hair. Another option to fix your thinning crown or receding hairline is a semi permanent hair piece. With which you can achieve the ultimate dream, a full head of hair that you can comb, style, swim & work out in. Replique Clinic are the hair replication experts. Book a free consultation to find out which option best suits you lifestyle.

3. SKIN CARE. Look after your skin with a regular skin care routine. Oh who am I kidding. Drinking lots of water, exfoliating, moisturizing, applying sunscreen. If this is too much for you, outsource your skin care. Find a great male anti aging clinic to look after your skin for you. Fortnightly facial by an experienced technician, using professional products is the easiest investment you can make for your skin. See and feel the difference. Plump hydrated clear skin that looks younger. If you've never had a facial then stop reading & book one now! Replique offers anti-aging, facials, furry facials that hydrates your skin & beard & massage and facial combos.

4. MASSAGE. Stressed, tired, strung out? It's visible in your stance, posture, jaw line and brow and its not an inviting look. You can combat stress. Unwind, Relax, Chill Out. Regular massage will rejuvenate your mind, your body and your outlook. Resulting in an ease, lightness and an openness that is very attractive. It shouldn't take too much convincing to indulge in regular massages. Replique's range of male day spa treatments will relax your hard working body.

5. SPRAY TANS. Got it flaunt it. Emphasize every muscle with a spray tan. Spray tanning is a quick and easy way to look healthier. Achieve year round color without the harmful affects of the suns UV rays. Everyone's offering tans these days. To get the best results always go to a experienced therapist. Replique Clinic has spray tans for all skin tones.

6. EYES. Your eyes, the windows to your soul, are a powerful tool in love & business. So make sure they shine. Give your eyes the perfect frame with professional brow shaping and tinting. Accentuate their full charm with a lash tint. Bold blocked brows and big volume lashes are in. Define your eyes and polish your good looks with quality brow & lash treatments from your favorite male anti aging clinic. Replique Clinic.

7. SMILE. Smiling is sexy. It's contagious & compelling. Reinforce your smile with an ultra fresh mouth. Clean your teeth & tongue and use mouth wash daily. Upgrade your smile's impact by keeping your lips moist and sumptuous with lip balm. Whiten your teeth regularly and spend the time & money needed to fix any blemishes in your teeth. Investing in good oral health will boost your confidence.

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