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Mail Order Hair Pieces, buy Local and Save Yourself Some Grief!

Online shopping is great but it can be fraught with uncertainty, disappointment and communication breakdowns, and it’s especially dangerous when you’re buying an incredibly personal item such as a hair piece or online hair replacement unit.

We've all seen the viral Quiff video where a great looking guy has an amazing head of hair, until he peels it off and reveals it's a Hair Piece!!!! Our Brisbane based clinic has seen a huge upsurge in guys wanting to get this brilliant hair transplant alternative, and commit to a beautiful full head of hair, without the pills, potions and surgery associated with other hair replacement options.

So how do you order an incredible hair replacement unit online but avoid the worry and frustration of dealing with an international online store? Look local!

Many online male hair piece stores are simply fronts for the actual manufacturers, they don’t have a physical store, it’s simply a factory based in China that allows you to buy direct and save a few bucks. But what are you really saving? We have so many clients who have gone this way and ended up with the wrong base type, size and colour, and it has taken month to rectify the situation. Replique have been negotiating and buying from overseas hair piece suppliers for years, we have the contacts and experience to ensure our clients get the right type of hair replacement system the first time. We generally hold stock onsite in dozens of colour options so our clients can order one day, and have it mailed to them immediately, no waiting around, no communication break downs and no worries.

Getting a hairpiece is an exciting and daunting experience and you really want it to be as smooth and hassle free as possible.

We actually get calls from guys all over Australia, saying they want “they Quiff Hair Piece Look” but want to buy locally, and we’re happy to oblige. There are a few options.

Many guys will liaise with our clinic staff via email or phone where we discuss the right hair colour and base type, then send a stock piece to them to fit themselves and wear.

Other clients send in a small hair sample and a template of the area they want to replace, we will match the hair colour and customise a piece based on the template and then send to the client.

We have some clients from interstate to our Brisbane clinic, on a day trip, where we do a consultation, make a template then fit a new piece for the client. We keep a copy of the template on-hand and a few times a year the client contacts us for a new hairpiece based on the template. It’s one day but an incredible piece of mind that they will definitely have the perfect hairpiece custom made for their needs.

One of the many benefits of buying from our online store is that we will personally take responsibility for the order, not waiting days for international replies, no language breakdowns, instead you’ll receive industry experience and a quick, personalised response from an Australian company.

To see our range of hair pieces and buy online, or watch our videos, visit

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