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Snake Oil, Scams and Shonky Sales Strategies: How the Hair Loss Industry still sells Hype and Hope!

Snake Oil, Scams and Shonky Sales Strategies: How the Hair Loss Industry still sells Hype and Hope!

Politicians and Used Car Salesmen always rank pretty high in surveys on what people think are the least reputable professions. But I know a lot of guys who think that people in the Hair Loss Industry should be on the top of the list!

When I opened Replique Male Anti Ageing Clinic, and focussed on providing Scalp Micropigmentation in Brisbane, I knew I wanted us to be in the Beauty, Health and Wellness Industries. I didn't want to be associated with the Hair Loss industry, not because I was embarrassed about my own hair loss, but more because I'd spent decades trying to find hair loss solutions, only to be ripped off and pressured with aggressive sales tactics from people who I want help from. All they seemed to want was my money.

I got my first hair piece at 21 (many moons ago), from one of the big players in the city, and it cost me over $1500. That's a lot of money, but keep in mind this was the early 90s so it was a huge investment.

As soon as I paid for it... guess what they said? "You're a fool if you only have one". I was crushed, I couldn't afford two, and they starting telling me about the risks, "what if it is damaged? What if you lose it in the surf? What if...?".

It was a sour note on an experience that I had been looking forward to for MONTHS. Instead of leaving their business with my head held high, and the knowledge that I'd finally no longer look balding, instead I walked away depressed and anxious.

About 20% of my Brisbane Scalp Micropigmentation clients have had hair transplants, some look brilliant, some not so good, but a lot of these guys talk about the pressure put on them to "sign on the dotted line" in the consultation. In Australia, hair transplants are performed by surgeons, but you often won't get an initial consultation with the surgeon who is going to perform the transplant. Instead you will have an "account manager", who is employed to "sell" you the services.

Im all for Sales, but these guys aren't just selling you the hair transplant, instead they will sign you up for a contract on their services, so you're getting the transplant, plus PRP (where they take your blood, thin it then inject it into your scalp), plus medication, plus laser therapy and finally a few sessions of Scalp Micropigmentation to cover any scars from the Strip Surgery or FUE surgery.

There are some brilliant hair transplant surgeons in Australia and they take time to learn their clients needs - if you're going this route, I'd really take the time to get a lot of hair transplant consultations from different hair transplant companies, ask to get the contact details from clients and ask to meet the surgeon who is actually going to be performing the surgery.

I get so many spam and junk emails, my dad actually forwarded me one claiming "Grow your hair back". It was a video with footage of bald people and an audio track talking about the "cure", it went on for 15 minutes before the guy finally revealed he had a book you could buy online, promoting Chinese herbs in cooking, because "Chinese people don't lose their hair". Of course, Chinese people, like all types of people, can also suffer hair loss. But it was an amazing marketing exercise and strategy to get people to spend money.

I put posts up on Facebook of my success stories, and it's really frustrating when people assume that they're fake. This is particularly true of the Replique Clinics Scalp Micropigmentation and also our Hair Pieces. They're brilliant and undetectable - my objective is to make each client look as natural as possible, and Im pretty good at it!

But unfortunately due to the history of hair loss scams and "miracle cures that regrow your hair", my posts are sitting ducks for people saying the pics are photo shopped. I have no need to photoshop, my guys look great without any kind of photoshopping. But I can understand why people think the pics are fake, and I think it relates directly to the inundation of shonky practitioners who really just want to divide guys from their money.

My advice to anyone seeking a hair loss solution: Have a consultation, no matter what the service or product, avoid booking a treatment unless you feel confident in the service being offered. Ask for photos or videos of clients, if the practitioner is good, then they should be able to even offer you to sit in on one of their sessions so you can see how good they are in the flesh.

Getting a hair loss solution such as scalp micropigmentation, hair loss medication or hair transplant surgery is a big step, I encourage you to do your homework and if you think it's a scam, then chances are it is! I still haven't found a "miracle cure" for hair loss, but now at least there are some amazing hair loss solutions, just make sure you go to a reputable provider.

My personal number is 0498 988 131. If you have any questions about hair loss solutions, I can help you out. If you're after a hair transplant, scalp micropigmentation or another hair loss solution I can give you a few tips to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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