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Why Skin Needling is a Huge Leap in the Quest for the Fountain Of Youth

Why Skin Needling is a Huge Leap in the Quest for the Fountain Of Youth

The Anti Aging Movement is a multi billion dollar industry that invests heavily in slowing or reversing the signs of aging and has some hit and miss products - arguably the most successful breakthrough in recent years has been the advent of Skin Needling.

Skin Needling is the process of creating thousands of micro-perforations over the epidermis (the outer most layer of the skin), to “shock” the body into reacting collagen and elastin.

Collagen has been a beauty buzz word for a long time, and for good reason. Collagen helps to support Elastin, which is what adds the elasticity or firmness to our skin.

Young people have thriving levels elastin and collagen, and so their skin is firm and youthful.

At approximately 30 years of age we stop producing collagen and so it is often at this point that we see a marked difference in our ageing process, as our skin is less firm and youthful and we lose that wonderful glow.

But the good news is that the body still houses the collagen, but it just needs a kick along to reactive it - and Skin Needling gives us that kick.

Skin Needling offers a range of benefits, it goes beyond exfoliation and dermabrasion and not only counters damage on the top layer of the skin, the epidermis, but also on the sub layer, the dermis.

There are a few different forms of Skin Needling, such as the Roller, Pen and now the newest evolution - Dermatude Metatherapy.

I first became aware of Skin Needling a few years ago when my best mate sent me a photo of himself after a Skin Needling treatment. He's a good looking guy but his face looked like mince meat! I text back - “what have you done?” I thought he’d been in a car accident.

He told me he’d had just had a skin needling treatment, he was one session in and needed another three sessions to get the best results, but due to the effect on his skin, and the pain, and three day downtime after each session - he decided to skip any further treatments.

When I saw him a few days later, his skin did look great: full and with a nice glow, which sparked my interest not only in providing it to my clients, but also as a user (Im always on the look out for skin and complexion improvements).

When I was introduced to Dermatude Metatherapy I got very excited, finally a technology that includes the benefits of skin needling, but without the harsh “mince meat” effect and three day down time.

dermatude metatherapy treatment areas

Dermatude Metatherapy not only acts from the inside out, but creating micro perforations on the epidermis and causing the reaction of collagen and elastin, it also acts from the outside in. When you book a consultation for Dermatude Metatherapy, we analyse the skin and look at the best conditioning treatment to use as a topical lotion or subjectable, to work into the skin, with the Dermatude 18 point carbine needle.

Most of my guys fall into wanting to either reverse the signs of ageing on their skin, or improve the scarring from acne on their skin, so we tend to use the Extreme Lifting Complex Treatment, which is packed with vitamins A, C and E.

It has been scientifically proven that these vitamins are an elixir for the skin. Vitamin A promotes the production of skin cells, Vitamin C protects skin cells and Vitamin E restores skin cells - really important benefits when dealing with acne scars and skin that is aging. (Im drooling as I type).

As the owner of a Male Anti Ageing Clinic, Im always on the look out for treatments and solutions that are tangible. My guys MUST walk out of the clinic with a noticeable difference, whether we’re treating their skin, scalp or hair loss and Im really thrilled there’s a break through in skin needling that gives tangible results that really reverses the damage that the ageing process can do.

Dermatude Metatherapy is tagged as “the facelift alternative”, big statement to make, and as someone in the Health and Beauty sector, Im always wary of such bold statements, but my experience as a provider and user of this therapy is that Dermatude metatherapy really is offering the tightening and firming benefits of a face lift, plus additional benefits - without the pain and downtime.

By all means, the one treatment on it’s own is excellent. After my first treatment my skin glowed, was fresher, firmer and a mate the following day told me my face looked fuller and less lined (he assumed I’d had fillers).

But the best result is from the program, where we do one treatment a week for four weeks, then one treatment per fortnight, for four fortnights, then an occasional monthly or six weekly treatment.

So is Skin Needling and Dermatude Metatheraphy part of the secret to the Fountain of Youth? It mightn't actually slow down the ageing process but it sure does slow down the appearance of ageing, and I personally am hooked!

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