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Discover our Light Density Package from $990!

Hmmmmm. How much money should you spend to take away worry and anxiety every time you look in the mirror?

How much will it cost to give a long lasting hair loss solution that
is natural in appearance, low maintenance, immediate and doesn't involve costly surgery or medication?

Our Scalp Micropigmentation teams in Brisbane and Sydney affordable affordable packages. 

At Replique, we are all about SOLUTIONS, so we've got different packages for different budgets, including the Intro Pack of full Male Pattern Baldness coverage from $2800, paid in instalments, to Pay 3 Hours and get the 4th Hour Free!

You can also use our exclusive Scalp Micropigmentation Calculator for a customised cost in Sydney or Brisbane.

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Affordable SMP Scalp Micropigmentation H
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SMP - Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Are there special Scalp Micropigmentation Deals?
    We are proud to be a SMP provider that has all of our prices on line and offer different packages for different budgets! Most cosmetic tattooing starts at $350 to $400 per hour and our hurly rate is $350 but we have an excellent Pay 3 hours and get the 4th hour free special. We also have a Value Deal for the full SMP with 2 touch ups which is from $2800 and possibly Australia’s most comprehensive Scalp Tattooing Deal. This is also paid in installments to help with your payment schedule.
  • How long will the Scalp Micropigmentation last?
    The team at Replique Clinic has performed thousands of hair tattoo or SMP treatments over the years. With locations in Brisbane and Sydney, Replique specialise in natural looking hairlines and packages that each client can adapt to his needs.. The longevity of the Hair Tattoo depends on several features such as how many sessions you get, your skin type and how you adhere to the Scalp Micropigmentation After Care Instructions. The hair tattoo is very different to body art tattooing, in that we only go 0.5mm into the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, to perform each tiny SMP dot. While body art tattoos can last decades, the scalp micro pigmentation will only last a few years, needing touch ups after possibly five years. This is especially true if the client doesn't protect the hair tattoo from the harsh Australian sun, especially in areas such as Brisbane and Sydney, where we have very hot summers.
  • Is Cheap Scalp Micropigmentation Near Me good?
    SMP is an artform and it’s your head! We understand it may be tempting to try to get the lowest price option possible for your hair tattoo, but it is a long lasting treatment and going to someone new to the industry or offering cheap services may be a sign that they aren’t experienced or will rush the job. Replique Scalp Micropigmentation in Sydney and Brisbane is performed by artists with years of training and experience and we offer natural looking and amazing results. Beware of anyone offering cheap non surgical hair loss solutions as you may end up worse than how your hairloss actually is with botched work, a fake hairline and incorrect colour

Interest in non surgical hair loss solutions like Scalp Micropigmentation but want to know the FACTS? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions


Men and Women with thinning hair have so many options. At Replique we focus on Hair Replacement in our brisbane and Sydney clinics as once thinning hair has started, it is very difficult to get hair regrowth. Instead we focus on tangible and natural looking hair loss solutions.
It can be so daunting getting any type of hair loss solution so sometimes it's good to roll the density out over time to feel more comfortable with your changing appearance:.

Scalp Micropigmentation Full Density Syd
Medium Density 2 Sessions.webp

Click on the above pics to go to our Density page for full details and pricing.

Scalp Micropigmentation Sydney Light Den
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Now this is rare! A company that specialises is Hair Loss Solutions that's actually putting packages and cost details on their site!

At Replique, we're an up front  organisation -  its a real Aussie trait we think.

There's a widely known sales strategy that is common in the Hair Loss Industry: never discuss price over the phone, instead get the potential client to book a consultation and do high pressure sales techniques and fear mongering in the consultation to pressure the guy into booking.  


That's not how we work. Interested in Brisbane or Sydney Scalp Tattooing or Micropigmentation and other non surgical hair loss solutions? Having been victim to a lot of heavy sales techniques over the years when he was investigating hair loss solutions and hair transplant costs, Scott Hickman, founder of Replique, was determined to have an open and upfront pricing strategy with no heavy sales tactics. 


Our advice? Get an estimate hair transplant price from your provider by sending photos via text or email prior to a consultation so you know exactly what pricing structure your provider will be offering, or deal with someone who has up front pricing and who isnt going to do the hard sell on you for hairline restoration in a consultation.


With locations in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia we have done thousands of SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation treatments.
We believe in full transparency, and so not only have our prices online, but also have the World's First Scalp Micropigmentation Calculator so you can put in your hair colour, hair loss area and other factors we use when determining the best price for you.


Looking for an amazing and caring Scalp Micropigmentation artist in Brisbane or Sydney? Replique offer different packages for your needs.

Want a Customised Price for your Australian Scalp Micropigmentatiion?


SMP Pay by the Hour $350 per hour

This is an excellent option for those who want to gradually reverse their hair loss, and have a very slow return to the appearance of a full head of follicles.


Great choice for guys wanting to fill in their Hair Transplant scars, or who are on a bit more of a tight budget. Scalp Micropigmentation available in our Sydney and Brisbane Clinics.

SMP Introductory Package Normally $3500.

Current Special is from $2800 to 3200 for limited time only

The SMP Introductory Package is your assurance of quality work that will last for 5 to 10* years, it includes:

--- Hairline Redesign ---

--- Hairline Reconstruction ---

--- Fill in the Crown ---

--- Fill in Thinning areas of the Scalp ---

--- Fill in the Temples ---

--- Blend with the upper sections of the existing hair ---
--- Upto Two large sessions and Two x One Hour Touch Up Sessions** ---


This equates to only $280 per year over 10 Years! Based on the Smp lasting 10 years


The SMP Introductory Package is only available for a Limited Time. 5 to 10* year life span of the SMP is an estimate only and depends on how the SMP is maintained and condition of the scalp but we will work with you to ensure the longest life of the SMP. 
**The Introductory Package has up to Four Treatments to be used over 12 month, with additional treatments being $350 per hour. During each treatment you are given the opportunity to review the work and add more density . 

Introductory Hair Tattoo available in Brisbane and Sydney.

SMP longevity Package from $4200

The SMP Longevity Package is your assurance of quality work that will last for 10 to 15* years, it includes:

--- Hairline Redesign ---

--- Hairline Reconstruction ---

--- Fill in the Crown ---

--- Fill in Thinning areas of the Scalp ---

--- Fill in the Temples ---

--- Blend with the existing hair for a seamless Effect ---

The SMP Longevity Package includes three Scalp Micropigmentation sessions, followed by a touch up in 6 months, then annual touch ups for the next five years if required. 


This equates to only $280 per year over 15 Years! Based on the Smp lasting 15 years


The SMP Longevity Package is only available for a Limited Time. 10 to 15* year life span of the SMP is an estimate only and depends on how the SMP is maintained and condition of the scalp but we will work with you to ensure the longest life of the SMP. 

Scalp Tattoo Sydney and Brisbane


Scalp Micropigmentation Cost NEW BLOG
Buyer Beware!
Getting any type of hair loss solution is a really big endeavour, we never take it for granted on how important it is with each client. Whether they are looking at FUE Hair Transplants or non surgical hair loss solutions such as Scalp Micropigmentation in Sydney,  (also known as hair tattoo or SMP), or a Semi Permanent Hair Piece, we believe clients should be fully informed of the risks, expectations and after care before committing to a treatment. Read more on the biggest Scalp Micropigmentation Regrets here..


Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent way to give the appearance of a full head of stubble, but check out our new video, filmed in our Sydney Clinic, on how it can also be used to add colour to a beard with beard tattooing.

Miriam in our Brisbane clinic is very experienced at performing Feather Stroke eye brown tattoos and carries forth this knowledge and experience with SMP and beard tattooing

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Thanks! Message sent.

There are many hair loss solutions available in Brisbane and Sydney currently. From FUE Hair Transplants to Scalp or hair tattooing and Platlet Rich Plasma, or PRB, and what's most important is that a client is armed with a lot of information before entering into any type of treatment. 

At Replique Brisbane and Sydney we offer free hair replacement consultations for all forms of hair loss solutions and have decades of knowledge. Unfortunately we specialise in rectifying bad SMP work, often done but untrained technicians or artists that are new to the industry so we always encourage new clients to come for a consult or do a phone consult first. and we are happy to share the phone numbers of clients who have been with us for years. 


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