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Scalp Micropigmentation FAQ

How will SMP change your life? Why is Scalp Micropigmentation such a great hair replacement solution in Sydney, Australia ?All of your Scalp Micropigmentation questions answered by Replique hair Replacement Clinic. 

What is SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation is the newest, non surgical, hair replication technique available. Carefully chosen inks are used to replicate hair follicles on your head to give the appearance of a natural hairline, a closely shaved head or a thicker fuller head of hair. A tattoo to cover baldness is changing the lives of those who suffer from hair loss. 

Who is a suitable candidate for SMP?

A Scalp Pigmentation treatment can be the solution for any stage of hair loss in men or women of any age, with any skin type or skin colour.

Partial or Completely Bald?

Thousands of replicated follicles will give the partial or completely bald head a natural hairline and the appearance of a closely shaved scalp.

Thinning Hair?

Tiny replicated hair follicles will soften the contrast between the visible scalp and the thinning hair to create a thicker fuller looking head of hair.

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Scarring or Alopecia?

The best hair transplant still leaves scars & you simply can't stop male pattern baldness. You can disguise it though. SMP can give sufferers of alopecia or hair transplant scarring piece of mind by quickly camouflaging bald patches and scars on the scalp.

Scott Answers:
What are the Top Three SMP Questions from potential clients?
Is it a tattoo?

In this pigmentation treatment, thousands of tiny replicated hair follicles are tattooed onto the scalp however SMP is not the usual tattoo, nor should it be done by a tattooist. Specialized equipment, training and certification is required to perform this procedure. For the best results make sure your using an accredited SMP practitioner when getting your tattoo to hide baldness.

How long does it take?

When you compare Micropigmentation for hair loss to alternative male pattern baldness treatments, it is a quick hair loss solution. Up to two  long sessions and a further one or two "touch up" sessions are required to achieve the best results. Pigments are applied to the full treatment area in the first session. Then the second session adds density, and the third session is used for touch ups. Book a free consultation to discuss a SMP plan that is specific to your needs.

How much does Hair Tattoo cost in Brisbane and Sydney ?

Great question and often the first that people want to ask! It varies from country to country, state to state and clinic to clinic. As a rule, most Cosmetic Tattoo Artists charge approximately $350 per hour. Scalp Micropigmentation can take several sessions of four hours or more, and then pricing may also be different if you are looking for scar work or to fix up another technicians poor work.  Want to get a more accurate estimate? Click on one of the links below and we can help you out, or use our Exclusive SMP Cost Calculator! 

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Why do I need to go to a consultation to get an idea of what Scalp Micropigmentation will cost?

You dont! It's actually a well known tactic in the Hair Loss Industry to stay mysterious and not give out too much information about price, then once a potential client is in the consultation they put the pressure on and do an aggressive sales strategy to get the booking. 

That's not how we work. Having been victim to a lot of heavy sales techniques over the years when he was investigating hair loss solutions, Scott Hickman, founder of Replique, was determined to have an open and upfront pricing strategy with no heavy sales tactics. 


Our advice? Get an estimate from your provider by sending photos via text or email prior to a consultation so you know exactly what pricing structure your provider will be offering, or deal with someone who has up front pricing and who isnt going to do the hard sell on you in a consultation.

Interested in a consultation or booking?

Thanks! Message sent.

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