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Getting any type of hair loss solution is a massive step. Having thinning hair, or balding is bad enough, without having a botched solution. Replique has been providing male and female clients with Scalp Micropigmentation since 2016.


Founder, Scott Hickman started to lose his hair at only 17 and has pretty much tried every hair loss treatment for hair regrowth and hair replacment and was ecstatatic when he discovered Scalp Micropigmentation.

"Since 2016 Ive done thousand of Scalp Micropigmentation treatments. We started with just three treatment rooms in our Brisbane clinic and within a few years grew to 7 treatment rooms and now have a four story clinic in Paddington that's full of happy clients getting back their hairlines and confidence!"

There are some amazing Scalp Micropigmentation specialists around and Im really proud by the care and consultative manner in which Replique work with our clients. We dont do geenric hairlines or densities, instead we work to replicate what has thinned or been lost. Or for clients like Chris, featured on this page we do custom receded hairlines.

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"We've worked really hard for our reputation and had guys flying in from all over Australia to get their Scalp Micropigmentation done. Unfortunately we've had to do a lot of clean up work on guys who tried to save a few hundred dollars by getting their body art tattooist to do the treatment. It's really important to understadn that Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattoing, it is far more delicate in touch thatn traditional body art tattooing"

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Interested in a Scalp Micropigmentation consultation or booking in Brisbane or Sydney?