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Scalp Micropigmentation:
When can I go to the Beach or Surfing?

Ultimately we want your scalp tattoo to look good and last a long time so adhering to after care instructions is very important. Replique is based in Brisbane and Sydney, and a lot of our clients have active lifestyles and are keen to get back to the beach as soon as possible. 

Most of our clients get their SMP done over several treatments. Many get the two large treatments done within a few days of one another, ie Monday and Wednesday with a rest day in between where they can return to work. They choose this schedule to fast track their down time. We’ve performed countless treatments since adding SMP to our treatments in 2016 and first ensure the scalp is in good condition before working out a schedule. 

Doing the two main treatments close together means clients can hit the beach or gym and return to their normal activities sooner than later.

We do advice that there’s a different between a day at the beach, and simply jumping into the water for a surf.

For clients wanting to get some sun and have a day at the beach, we recommend they avoid excessive sweating for 10 days after each treatment and to protect the Scalp Tattoo with a hat, to avoid sun burn or damaging the treatment.

For clients wanting to go for a swim or surf, we need to factor different concerns.

Salt water can be very corrosive, in fact salt water, or saline, is used as a lightning agent in some instances where people want their tattoo lightened. 

Many websites that offer advice on traditional cosmetic tattooing such as lips and eyebrows recommend getting into saltwater for a swim or surf 7 to 10 days after getting their procedures done. This type of cosmetic tattooing is very different to SMP. When we do the hair or scalp tattoo we are only doing micro perforations that are 0.5mm as opposed to deeper strokes and so the healing time is different.

The recommended recovery time for traditional tattoos is 2 to 4 weeks but body art tattooing is vastly different to SMP Hair Tattoos and even cosmetic tattooing in that the tattoo normally covers all of the flesh where as Scalp micro is thousands of tiny dots that heal quite quickly.

Some Scalp micro pigmentation clinics in beach locations such as the Gold Coast, Hawaii and Sydney recommend waiting between 24 hours and 4 days before going for a surf or swimming in salt water.

Founder of Replique, Scott Hickman, is very conservative in his approach to After care and prefers to allow the scalp to fully heal so we customise the after care for each client as some have pale skin and others have darker complexions, some clients heal very quickly and others have skin conditions and heal more slowly.

Owner of Replique Brisbane SMP, Miriam, is also experienced at offering advice not only on skin care, but also on how to extend the lie of your scalp cosmetic tattoo to ensure the best possible lifespan. 

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