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Stop limiting your hair styles or hiding under a hat to cover old FUE or FUT scars. Never have to explain unsightly scars again. You can reclaim your confidence and disguise nasty strip scars and FUE scars with scalp micropigmentation.


  • FUT Strip Scars

  • FUE Scars

  • Alopecia 


It is hard not to notice hair transplant scars they look so white against the scalp.  SMP will lessen the contrast between the scar and your existing hair to disguise old transplants, medical or trauma scars. Hair that has been transplanted can sometimes looks thin. A scalp tattoo can make these thinner patches appear thicker and fuller. 

"Finally after years of feeling embarrassed and hiding my hair transplant strip scar under the same long hair style, I can confidently try a new look. SMP had made me feel so much better about myself already. It's a relief. I should have done it sooner."
Scalp Micropigmentation Brisbane
Scalp tattoing Brisbane

The success of hair transplant surgery will depend on several factors, such as the health of the clients scalp, the amount of hair in the donor site and the skill of the surgeon. There has been a noticeable improvement in the scar minimisation as the industry has migrated from Strip Scar surgery, where one or more large slithers of the scalp were sliced out from the back of the scalp and used as donor material, to the more recent method of FUE or Follicle Unit Extraction, where a "hole punch" devise is used to take individual or small clusters of follicles from one part of the scalp and transport to the bald or thinning sites. None the less, both practices can leave large and unsightly scars. Scalp Micropigmentation is a quick and affordable method to disguise or camouflage hair transplant scars, as we are able to mimic the surrounding follicles and imbed the scar with pigment to disguise the site. 

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