Scalp Micropigmentation Hairline Restoration

One of the many benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation as a Hair Loss Solution is that you have incredible control over the appearance. The Hairline in particular is vital to allow a client to feel comfortable to the overall appearance of the SMP.

At Replique Clinic in Brisbane we specialise in natural looking and subtle Scalp Micropigmentation that is achieved with a graduated hairline and density that we build up over several sessions - giving the client an enormous amount of control over their appearance.

In fact we feel it is vital that a client be very involved in the design of their hairline tattoo so they can feel comfortable .

We often start with a graduated, and slightly receded Scalp Micropigmentation hairline and then lower it and fill out the density over a series of sessions.  Below you can see how we use a series of hairline guides, where we have a might lighter density at the hairline and then work backwards to give a fuller density that blends with the hair at the back of the scalp

Scalp Micropigmentation Brisbane.jpg
SMP Brisbane Australia.jpg
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