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Scalp Micropigmentation for women Sydney


At Replique Clinics in Sydney and Brisbane we help people of all ages and genders with their hair loss concerns, whether it is hair fall, lack of hair growth or complete hair replacement, we understand the struggles that hair loss bring.
Most men experience thinning hair due to Male Pattern Baldness but women can experience hair loss and a lack of hair growth due to many reasons such as medical compilations, changes in hormones, genetics or as a reaction to medications. 

Most people think that Scalp Micropigmentation is only a suitable hair loss solution for men who want the buzz cut or super short hair (this is where we match the SMP or Scalp Tattoo to a clients fresh stubble in the male pattern baldness area).


But many men and women who have fine, or thin hair are using Scalp Micropigmentation to give the appearance of density. Essentially we are using Scalp Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing to create thousands of tiny hair dot replicas to take away the colour of the skin to give the appearance of having thicker hair.  

Scalp Micropigmentation is also becoming popular with women who are worried about their hairline being too fine or uneven. 

Replique Sydney Scalp Micropigmentation is overseen by Scott Hickman, who has been doing this form of cosmetic tattooing since 2016 and specialising in natural looking hairlines that are built gradually, over several sessions to ensure correct density. 

Sydney Brisbane Scalp Micropigmentation
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