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Miriam is not only an experienced SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation, artist, but she also has over ten years experience working with men and women in Brisbane for paramedical and cosmetic tattooing and has utilised the skills to do many hair replacement tattoos as well as beard tattooing.

Miriams clinic is in the Watkins building in Spring Hill, very close to Replique first Brisbane location which was in Fortitude Valley. 

Over the past few years we have seen Scalp Micropigmentation grow in popularity, and unfortunately we have also seen many people offering the service without experience or adequate training.

In Scotts' SMP clinic we had many clients who had the treatment done elsewhere, with fake looking hairlines, blow outs and discolouration and we would need to send them for tattoo removal before recommencing work on their scalp for fresh, natural looking Scalp Micropigmentation.



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Miriam also has a great deal of experience in repairing botched Scalp Miciropigmentation from artists who were still learning their craft or didn't have adequate training. 

Interested in a Scalp Micropigmentation consultation or booking in  Sydney in Brisbane?
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Scott Hickman, founder of Replique first started doing SMP or Hair tattoos on male and female clients from his clinic in Fortitude Valley. Scott is proud to have partnered with his colleague Miriam at ALB, who has a clinic based in Spring Hill and has been doing Scalp Micropigmentation since 2016.

Scott and Miriam actually studies SMP together in Brisbane and have the same passion, enthusiasm and strive for perfection that has led us both to be highly respected hair tattoo artists.

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