Buying Your Hair Piece Online Is Easy With Replique

  • Buy online in 3 simple steps.
  • Receive full support including video guides & a 24/7 help line.
  • Deal with an Aussie company who cares about your outcome & your experience. 

Barend is one of Replique's online hair piece customers, "Huge thanks to Replique Clinic, particularly Scott for his expertise and guidance. My Replique DIY Hair Piece experience has been smooth and straightforward. You have given me back my hair and my confidence and now I even feel sexy again. So I'm busy replacing my wardrobe and taking selfies. Thank you a million times over."

  • Choose your base size.
  • Choose your hair colour.
  • Choose your hair style. 

"I'm a young man who lost my hair at an early age. I felt robbed.  I wanted to look my best for myself and for my girlfriend. A hair piece instantly gave me a full head of hair again. The transformation was huge. My hair piece has made a massive difference to how I look and feel about myself."


We will walk you through choosing the right hair piece online. You will get access to DIY tutorials that show you step by step how to bond the unit to your scalp with no budge bond. And you'll get full support from the Replique team on their 24/7 help line.  

STEP 1.  Choose Your Base Size
Full Base
A full base is recommended if your hair is thinning on the sides as well as on the crown of your head.

If you need help to choose between a full base or a template base, text or email a photo of your hair to Scott at 0498 988 131 or

Click the link below to contact Scott directly from your mobile phone or tablet.
Template Base
A template base is recommended if you have thinning hair on your crown or hairline but have good strong hair on the sides of your head.

Replique will have a template base that perfectly matches your male pattern baldness area.

To find the right template base for you, text or email a photo of your hair to Scott at 0498 988 131 or

Click the link below to directly contact Scott from your mobile phone or tablet.
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STEP 2.  Choose Your Hair Colour
STEP 3.  Choose Your Hair Style
Style = Short
Length = Back and sides approximately 3cm. Top and front approximately 3-4cm.

Our short hair cut is an easy, comfortable, low maintenance style. Perfect for busy guys who don't want to fuss with their hair.

Style = Short Back & Sides, Short
Length = Back and sides approximately 3-4cm. Top and front approximately 6cm.

Our classic short length, short back and sides style gives you a little bit more length on top without a being too high maintenance. 

Style = Short Back & Sides, Medium
Length = Back and sides approximately 4-6cm. Top and front approximately 9cm.

Our medium length, short back and sides style gives you more hair on top play with. You can have fun with your fringe and still enjoy easily maintained back & sides. 

Style = Long
Length = Approximately 10-15cm all round.


Perfect for those guys who want to stand out, our long cut gives you plenty of length to experiment with. Have fun with different styles, products and looks.