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Male Beard Tattoo Feather Stroke Sydney


Beard Tattoos fills in the blank area to give you a killer look and fuller beard

We love a beard! From a classic hipster Ned Kelly to a bit of stubble... a beard helps add definition and character to a mans face.

As a company that specialises in mens hair replacment in our Sydney and Brisbane clinics we notice that many men really embrace their beards as their hair starts to thin out and recede.

But some guys simply cant get enough coverage with their beard or stubble growth pattern and are left with uneven gaps and patches that can throw off the facial symmetry and give a less defined look.

Hair fibres such as Toppix and Mane are a great short term fix, as is mascara and an eyeliner pencil to fill in the areas, but just we we've used "second skin" hair pieces and Scalp Micropigmentation, to a clients scalp to address their hair loss, we're also able to use male cosmetic tattooing techniques such as Scalp Micropigmentation to create the illusion of density and coverage for guys wanting to enhance their stubble, facial hair and beards.

Check out these Before and After beard tattoo or beard micropigmentation (beard cosmetic tattooing) on Replique Sydney's hair dresser Santiago, as we use a mix of feather stroke and Scalp Micropigmentation to add colour and density to the patches in his beard.

Beard Bald Patch Solution Sydney LR.jpg
Beard Fill In Micro Blading Sydney
Interested in a Beard Tattoo consultation or booking in Sydney?
Beard Tattoo Sydney LR.jpg

Replique Founder, Scott Hickman has done thousands of Scalp Micropigmentation treatments over the last five years and understands how to blend the stubble and short hair effect with a mix of SMP and feather stroke to get the perfect beard replication.

Scott is based full time in our Sydney Clinic and encourages all new clients to come in for a free consultation to discuss our treatments and payment packages. 

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